2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

To winterize:
1.   Turn on the water pump and drain the water tank
by opening a faucet (the pump will run faster when
it is empty).
Failure to keep the water tank vent fittings
clean will cause excessive pressure buildup
within the tank during filling. This can cause
water tank damage.
Be sure the circuit breaker for the water heater
in 120 Volt AC panel is in the OFF position.
The water heater will be damaged immediately
by supplying electrical power to an empty
water heater.
Periodically remove the filter screens from the faucet
discharge spouts and shower head. Remove the
accumulation of sediment from the screens. If neces-
sary, clean out the holes using a fine wire. A buildup
of debris in the faucet filter screens can create enough
restriction to cause the pump to cycle on and off.
DO NOT run the water pump without water
in the system. Pump damage will result. Be
watchful and turn the pump off as soon as
the tank becomes empty.
Check the in-line water filter/screen for sediment and
blockage. It is located between the water tank and
the pressure water pump. If obstructed, remove from
the water line and either clean or replace the part.
The filter unit will twist apart.
Add 15 gallons of R.V. antifreeze to the water
Inspect and clean the shower sump every 30 days.
Some water will always be in the compartment.
Sediment and other debris will buildup and affect the
automatic bilge switch and pump operation. Remove
the pump’s cover and clean the screen. The screen
will become blocked and the pump will not operate
properly. To clean the compartment, use baking soda
and a fine wire brush to re move dirt and other debris.
This will also serve to disinfect the area.
Generally the hot water heater will require
approximately five gallons of antifreeze before
the hot water lines will have antifreeze running
through them. The cold water faucet should be
turned OFF at some point to test for antifreeze
in the hot water line.
B.   Winterizing the Water System
Turn ON all faucets (both hot and cold) until
undiluted antifreeze is seen. Make sure the
transom shower, head faucet and galley faucet
have antifreeze coming out.
Winter lay-up service procedures should include a
thorough draining of the water system. Disconnect all
accessible fittings. Blow out all lines. Be sure the hot
water heater, fresh and gray water tanks, transom
shower, pumps and lines are completely dry. Leave
all faucets open. Freezing water can cause severe
damage to all water system components.
Activate the shower sump pump and pour approxi-
mately 1 quart of nontoxic antifreeze down the
shower drain. The shower sump will discharge
some of the antifreeze overboard.
Always winterize the fresh water system prior
to winterization of the hull drainage (bilge
pump) system.
Use only nontoxic antifreeze solutions such as
R.V. antifreeze. DO NOT use ethylene glycol
solutions; the type that is used in engine
coolant systems. These are toxic.
Draining the system as mentioned can be very tedious
and an incomplete job can result in expensive repairs.
The use of nontoxic antifreeze (such as R.V. anti-
freeze) designed for fresh water systems considerably
reduces the work necessary and is a more positive
means of winterizing the system. Follow the directions
included with the antifreeze solution.
Be sure to wipe up any antifreeze that has
been spilled on the fiberglass shower surfaces.
Water and Waste Systems - Section J
Owner’s Manual Page 91
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