2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

Water and Waste Systems
J - 1
tank is gained through the forward berth’s under berth
storage drawer.
All Four Winns V series models are equipped with a
fresh water supply system. This system consists of
a water supply tank, water distribution lines and a
distribution pump. The water fill deck plate for the
fresh water system is located on the deck and labeled
accordingly. Al ways fill the tank slow ly. See Figure J1.
Fresh Water Tank
Water Sender
Water Pump
Fresh Water Fill
Fresh Water Vent
Figure J1: Fresh Water Fill & Vent
Figure J2: Fresh (Potable) Water Tank Location
The materials from which the components of the water
system are made may give the water supply a pecu-
liar taste, especially when new. This condition is
normal and can be reduced somewhat through
the use of a water filter; such as that produced by
The water deck plate is appropriately labeled.
DO NOT fill the system with anything other
than water. Should the system become
contaminated with fuel or other toxic solution,
component replacement may be necessary.
PuriTec.   The taste will completely dissipate in time.
The water tank is equipped with an overboard vent
(Figure J1). Maintain a close visual watch on the
over board vent while filling the water tank. Always fill
the tank slowly. When the tank is almost full, water will
spurt out of the vent.
The fresh (potable) water system should be
disinfected prior to initial use.
The water system should be disinfected before first
use and at the beginning of each season. The follow-
ing information is a general guide to disinfecting the
fresh water system.
When filling the tank, never seal the hose to
the deck plate. The tank will become
pressuized and could rupture.
Flush the boat’s water system thoroughly with
fresh water. Make sure all nontoxic antifreeze is
removed from the system.
DO NOT overfill the water tank. Tank damage
may result. Water capacity and tank location
may vary due to other equipment that may be
installed on the boat.
The water system should be drained completely.
To disinfect the water system, use one gallon of
water and 1/4 cup of Clorox   or Purex  household
™                        ™
For the potable water capacity, please refer to our
Four Winns website at www.fourwinns.com. Tank
monitoring systems are standard on the V335 model.
These indicator gauges are typically located in the
head for monitoring the water/waste levels. Refer to
Figure J2 and the locator drawing in the back of this
manual for the fresh water tank location. Access to the
bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite solution). This
is recommended for each 15 gallons of tank
Allow to stand for three (3) hours. If time is a
factor, greater concentrations of chlorine solution
will be needed to disinfect the water system.
Water and Waste Systems - Section J
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