2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

Fiberglass and Hull Information
Four Winns
boats are designed using the sound
Many boats are used for specific purposes or under
conditions which require the addition of special
equipment to the hull or deck. Special care must be
taken during the installation of any equipment to a
fiberglass com ponent. A polysulfide or butyl based
sealant should be used to seal installations below the
water line. Silicone “marine” seal or similar bed ding
compound should be used elsewhere.
engineering and mathematical principles of hydro-
statics, hydrodynamics, structure, and strength of
materials. The materials utilized provide optimum
strength at the lightest possible weight. The exact
fiberglass laminate schedule and construction
techniques of each part is determined in accordance
with the strength and rigidity required.
DO NOT install any item onto or through the
hull without adequately sealing the hull area
penetrated by the installed item or related
fasteners. Improper installations could cause
leakage or allow water absorption and thus
cause serious hull damage.
The fiberglass components of Four Winns  boats
are of the finest quality materials, work manship
and construction techniques available. This ensures
the structural integrity to provide years of boating
enjoyment with minimal maintenance.
Always pre-drill fastening holes with a proper
size bit. Pre-drilling will help prevent the
fiberglass from splintering and thus causing
unsightly damage. Also, countersink holes to
prevent the gel coat from chipping.
The construction of a Four Winns  hull begins with
the application of gel coat to the mold. The gel coat
is approximately 25 mils thick. A coat of resin and
chopped fiberglass is then sprayed into the hull and
carefully hand rolled until it is se curely affixed to
the gel coat.
Any equipment which will be subjected to cyclic
loading or significant force should be through-bolted
to a fiberglass compo nent. A butt block or backing
plate should be used to strengthen any area onto
which an item will be mounted.
A number of fiberglass layers and woven roving are
applied to the above laminate. Each layer is hand
laid and hand rolled. The keel and chine areas have
fiberglass woven roving overlapped in these areas
to provide additional strength. Most V series models
utilize encapsulated end-grain balsa core or coremat
laminates to achieve additional rigidity. Others utilize
additional laminations of woven roving to maintain
strength and rigidity.
Fiberglass is affected by weathering processes and
requires maintenance on a periodic basis to help
maintain the beauty and shine. The effects upon the
gel coat will be dependent upon boating conditions,
storage, type of use, and the care given to the boat
during the boating season.
The hull support stringers are located using special
tools, and are fiberglassed and/or bonded into place.
This ensures a strong, rigid hull, permanently formed
into a solid assembly, free of distortions.
Four Winns utilizes fade-fighting gel coat in the
exterior finish. It is specially formulat ed to resist fading
and yellowing, and retain more of its original gloss
than better grade gel coats. However, it is still impor-
tant to maintain the gel coat to protect the finish.
Fiberglass cockpit liners and seat base are construct-
ed similar to the hull. Balsa core or coremat lamin-
ations are utilized when necessary.
In addition to a thorough visual inspection of each
fiberglass component, samples are mea sured using
special equipment, for fiberglass reinforce ment to
resin ratio, laminate configura tion, weight and thick-
ness. By these procedures Four Winns ensures
proper composition.
A.   General Maintenance
For fresh water use, the boat should be washed once
or twice a month. When using in a salt water environ-
ment, considerable more care will be necessary.
Be careful when selecting a cleaning agent. Hand dish
Exterior Equipment - Section P
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