2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

Never operate your generator while the boat is
moored against any other boat, dock or wall
structure that is against or near the exhaust outlet.
Again, operation under such conditions could
easily lead to exhaust gases (carbon monoxide)
entering your boat or the boat to which you are
moored, even though you may have all the
hatches, windows, doors, and portholes closed.
Current deck hatches are designed to allow
ventilation when latched in a partially open
Inspect the engine exhaust system frequently for
water and exhaust gas leakage, hose deteriora-
tion, and loose hose clamps. See Section R -
General Maintenance for additional information.
Under certain conditions, exhaust gases can
enter the boat through the sink drains. Each sink
drain has a water trap installed to help prevent
this. To be effective, the sink drains must have
water in them. Normal use of the sinks will provide
the water needed for this to occur.
Have a competent marine engine service techni-
cian inspect your exhaust system whenever your
boat is in for service, or if you notice a change in
the sound of your engines.
Persons sleeping can be easily overcome by
carbon monoxide because they are unaware
of its presence. Sleeping with the engines or
generator running is not recommended. If persons
are sleeping aboard while underway, or while the
generator is running, those awake should monitor
for carbon monoxide accumulation in the cabin;
especially the sleeping areas. Open forward facing
windows or deck hatches to provide fresh air
ventilation. Keep hatches, windows, and doorways
that face aft or towards the exhaust discharge
For additional information, refer to Section B-2 -
Carbon Monoxide.
B.   Carbon Monoxide Monitor
A carbon monoxide (CO) monitor(s) will sound an
alert should carbon monoxide reach an unsafe level
in the cabin of your V335. The CO Monitors are
standard equipment and are located in the aft cabin
and forward cabin. Refer to the manufacturer’s
literature included with the owner’s packet.
Never disarm a CO detector. If a CO detector
alarms, immediately ventilate the area and
check passengers for symptoms of CO
intoxication. See your Four Winns dealer for
assistance in diagnosing the cause for the
NEVER operate the propulsion engine(s) or
generator while everyone on-board is sleeping.
Fatal carbon monoxide poisoning can occur.
If possible, ventilate your cabin while under way.
Open a forward hatch or window to allow air to
travel through the cabin. Do not operate the boat
with the cabin door(s) or windows that face aft,
open. The natural vacuum created during opera-
tion may allow exhaust gasses to be drawn into
the cabin.
A.   Engine
The V335 model is equipped with twin engine propul-
®                                        ®
sion. A choice of Mercruiser  or Volvo Penta  engines
are offered. Please consult the engine owner’s manual
provided with this manual for operation and mainte-
nance information. See your Four Winns dealer for
complete engine availability.
Carbon Monoxide - Cabin Doors Warning Label
Engines, Drives and Instrumentation - Section E
Owner’s Manual Page 52
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