2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

Always personally inspect the engine compart-
ment and sniff for fuel vapors before starting
the engine. Remember, a gas vapor detector is
a mechanical device. DO NOT rely exclusively
on its operation.
To conform to Federal Air Quality Standards,
the petroleum industry reduced the amount of
tetraethyl lead in gasoline. Alcohol is being
blended with gasoline to help restore the
octane rating lost when the lead was removed.
While blending alcohol with gasoline increases
the octane level of the fuel, it can also create
certain safety and performance related
problems for boaters.
Use and Maintenance
DO NOT let the odor of gasoline go unchecked.
If the odor of gasoline is noted,
A.   Problems With Alcohol In Gasoline
DO NOT START ENGINE. If engine is running,
Below is a list of problems which may be experienced
when using blended gasoline.
Investigate and correct the situation imme-
diately! Have all passengers put on personal
flotation devices and keep fire extinguishers
at hand until the situation is resolved.
Premature deterioration of fuel system compo-
nents may occur. Alcohol will attack rubber fuel
hoses, fuel tanks, fuel filters, fuel pumps and
rubber gaskets. This deterioration will lead to fuel
system leakage.
Phase separation of fuel will cause contamination.
Water which accumulates in the tank through
contamination or condensation will be absorbed by
the alcohol. This water-heavy alcohol will settle at
the bottom of the tank. This phase separation will
lead to fuel tank corrosion. This may also result in
a lean mixture to the carburetor and cause engine
stalling or possible engine damage.
Avoid serious injury or death from fire or
explosion resulting from leaking fuel. Inspect
system for leaks at least once a year.
If areas are found within the fuel system that appear
questionable, have a qualified marine technician
inspect the system. A thorough fuel system examina-
tion should be made by an experienced marine
technician at least once a year.
The use of alcohol additives in gasoline has become
more widespread. Regulations on public notification
of the existence of additives is currently controlled by
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Some
states do require that gasoline pumps display informa-
tion on additives (especially alcohol). If alcohol content
is not posted, ask and avoid using fuel containing
alcohol if possible.
To help guard against damage, avoid the
storage or handling of gear near the fuel lines,
fittings and tanks.
B.   Recommendations
I - 2
Assume blended gasoline is being used and follow
these recommendations below.
Be cautious when using gasoline which contains
Inspect fuel hoses often. A deteriorated hose
containing alcohol blended gasoline will normally
be soft and swollen. A deteriorating hose contain-
ing no fuel will normally be hard and brittle. In both
cases the hose should be replaced.
Ventilate the engine compartment before starting
the engine(s). Operate the engine compartment
Fuel Systems - Section I
Owner’s Manual Page 82
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