2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

EVEN KEEL - To be floating evenly without listing to
either side.
FREEBOARD - The minimum vertical distance from
the surface of the water to the gunwale.
EXHAUST SYSTEM - The means by which the hot
engine (or generator) exhaust gases are moved from
the engine to an outboard port and then released into
FREQUENCY - The number of crests passing a fixed
point at a given time.
FRONTS - Where opposing warm and cold air
masses meet, generally producing a band of wet,
stormy weather wherever they meet.
EYE SPLICE - A permanent loop spliced in the end
of a line.
GALLEY - The kitchen area of a boat.
FAST - Said of an object that is secured to another.
FATHOM - Six feet.
GALVANIC CORROSION - A potential electrical
difference exists between dissimilar metals immersed
in a conductive solution (e.g., salt water). If these
metals touch or are otherwise electrically connected,
this potential difference produces an electron flow
between them. The attack on the less corrosion
resistant metal is usually increased and the attack on
the more resistant metal is decreased, as compared
to when these metals are not touching.
FENDER - A device (usually constructed of rubber or
plastic) positioned so as to absorb the impact between
vessels or dock.
FETCH - The unobstructed distance that the wind can
blow over the water to create waves.
FLARE - 1. Outboard curve of the hull as it comes up
the side from the waterline; the reverse of tumble
home. 2. A pyrotechnic device used for emergency
GANGWAY - The area of a ship’s side where people
board and disembark.
GASKET - A strip of sealing material, usually rubber,
set along the edge of a water or gas tight door, port,
cover or hatch.
FLAT - A small deck that is built below decks,
specifically to support a piece of equipment.
GELCOAT - The thin outer layer of pigmented plastic
FLEMISH - To coil down a line or rope on deck in
covering a fiberglass vessel.
a flat, circular, concentric arrangement.
GLAND - The movable part of a stuffing box, which
FLOTSAM - Floating wreckage, trash or debris.
FLUKE - The palm of an anchor.
when tightened, compresses the packing.
GROUND - Electrical term meaning the electrical
potential of the earth’s surface, which is zero.
FOAM CREST - The top of the foaming water that
speeds toward the beach after a wave has broken,
commonly referred to as “white water.”
GROUND SPEED - A vessel’s speed made good over
the earth’s surface along a course or track.
FOLLOWING SEA - A sea (waves) moving in the
same direction as a vessel.
GROUND TACKLE - The anchor, anchor rodes,
and other fittings that are used to secure a vessel at
anchor or dockside.
FORE-AND-AFT - A line, or anything else, that runs
parallel to the longitudinal center line of a boat.
GUNWALE - 1. The line where the upper deck and
the hull meet.  2. The upper edge of a boat’s side.
FOREFOOT - The portion of a vessel’s keel that
curves upward to meet the stem.
HALYARD - A line used to hoist a flag or pennant.
HATCHES - Cover on hatchways.
FOREPEAK - A compartment in the bow of a boat.
FORWARD - Toward the bow.
HATCHWAYS - Access ways through decks.
Owner’s Manual Page 177
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