2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

O - 5
The camper is standard and provides cover/shade
for the aft portion of the cockpit area. It too, is designed
to be fastened to the radar arch with the use of a
track. The camper aft curtain and camper side cur-
tains can be installed to enclose the aft cockpit area.
The camper and camper curtains used in conjunction
with the bimini top, forward connector and bimini side
curtains completely encloses the cockpit area when
desired. See Figure O6.
Camper Canvas
Figure O5: Bimini Side Curtain & Visor Installation
Both the bimini and camper canvas have been
designed and are intended to remain installed
on the boat in the upright “stored” position.
Four Winns does not recommend the bimini
and/or camper assembly be removed from the
boat unless absolutely necessary.
Figure O6: Camper Canvas
To install the camper canvas:
With the long support poles in the back and
the smaller, storage poles in the front (toward the
radar arch), attach the camper top frame to the
side mounts. See Figure O7.
The bimini and camper canvas is designed
as temporary shelter only. It should not be left
up unattended for any length of time. Violent
weather could result in expensive damage.
Misues is not covered under warranty.
Tighten the bolt, first with your fingers and then
with a wrench or other appropriate tool.
Release the storage poles and mount them using
the ball and socket provided; secure with the pin.
4)  Unzip canvas boot, if necessary.
Two people are recommended if removal or
installation becomes necessary. Care must be
exercised so the radar arch does not become
damaged. Use a protective covering to prevent
damage to arch if necessary.
5)  Extend storage poles to reduce tension on the top.
6)  Zip the camper top to the camper top valance.
Adjust the support poles to create tension
on the top.
In the event the canvas requires some
maintenance or repair, remove the bimini
camper canvas from the bow assembly. Unzip
the bow sleeves, unsnap all snaps and straps,
and remove the canvas.
8)  Center the canvas.
9)  Secure and smooth all velcro closures.
Weather Covers - Section O
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