2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

Interior Equipment
C.   Refrigerator
A refrigerator is standard equipment. The refrigerator
is designed to oper ate efficiently on AC Shore Power
volt or 220VAC - international) or battery power
Care must be exercised while around stoves
and other appliances. Keep children away from
volt). The refrigerator will automatically transfer
to 12 volt operation when dockside power is not
available and the 12 volt refrigerator breaker is on.
Most refrigerator models have a thermostat that will
maintain the temperature desired. According to the
refrigerator manufacturer’s operations manual, select
the temperature setting by turning the thermostat dial
to the various numbered positions. The refrigerator
may be turned off by turning the thermostat to the
“OFF” position. See the manufacturer’s literature
included in the owner’s packet for specific information
on the model used in your V335.
Care must be exercised while around stoves and
other appliances. Keep children away from burners.
A.   Electric Stove
An electric stove with dual burners is standard on the
V335 cruiser models. See Figure L1 for stove and
other appliance locations. A circuit breaker (RANGE)
is provided in the 120 Volt AC cabin electrical panel.
Refer to the Section H of this manual and the manu-
facturer’s literature included in the owner’s packet for
operation and safety procedures.
Care should be exercised while operating the refrig-
erator on the 12 volt system. The refrigerator requires
a substantial amount of current. Excessive current
draw can severely drain a battery through extended
B.   Microwave Oven
A microwave oven is standard on the V335 models.
The circuit breaker on the 120 Volt AC cabin electrical
panel must be activated and the boat must be con-
nected to dockside power or utilize the generator in
order to operate the microwave. Refer to the manu-
facturer’s literature provided in the owner’s packet.
On certain models a magnetic strip is used inside the
seal of the  refrigerators. The magnetic strip allows the
seal to draw tight to the inside of the refrigerator when
the door is closed. Also, make sure retaining latch is in
place to secure refrigerator door while underway.
Do not restrict air flow while microwave is in
use, or damage to microwave oven or cabinet
may result.
A refreshment center is available on the V335 models.
The refreshment center comes with a solid surface
countertop, trash receptacle, drink holders (not
shown) and sink with swivel spout faucet. Your choice
of an icemaker or refrigerator is available.
See Figure L2.
Sink & Faucet
(Under Lid)
(Under Lid)
Solid Surface
Hand Rail
Figure L2:  V335 Cockpit Refreshment Center
Figure L1:  V335 Galley
Interior Equipment - Section L
Owner’s Manual Page 115
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