2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

General Maintenance
R - 1
4.   Be sure all the water is completely drained from
the fresh water system. Disconnect all hoses,
check valves, etc. and blow all the water from the
system using very low air pressure. The use of
nontoxic, fresh water system antifreeze is recom-
mended as an alternative to disassembling the
water system. Refer to Section J-7 - System
Maintenance in this manual for information on
winterizing the water system.
A.   Prior to Lifting for Winter Lay-up
Pump out the head (dockside discharge), and be
sure the holding tank is empty. Flush the head
holding tank with soap, water and a deodorizer
(e.g., Lysol Liquid™). Add more water if neces-
sary. Have the cleaning solution pumped out.
Have the fuel tank either full or completely empty.
See the Engine Owner’s manual for recom-
mendations. Also, check with the dry dock opera-
tors for recommendations. If winter storing with a
5.   Winterize the head as recommended by the head
manufacturer. If the boat is equipped with a
holding tank, mix some antifreeze solution and
pour it into the head. Transfer some of the anti-
freeze to the holding tank by flushing the head.
Also, refer to Section J-7 - System Maintenance
for additional information.
full fuel tank, gasoline winterizer such as Sta-bil
fuel conditioner, will reduce varnishing, condensa-
tion, etc.
Drain or winterize the air conditioning and genera-
tor system. Follow the appropriate manufacturer’s
directions. Be sure all water intake filters are
drained thoroughly.
If the fuel has been treated with winterizer, run
engines for ten minutes to make sure the
treated fuel is present in all lines and parts of
the engines.
Ensure that all water is removed from the sump
pump, bilge pump and bilge pump lines. Dry the
hull bilge, and self-bailing cockpit drain troughs.
Water freezing in these areas could cause dam-
age. See Section K-3 - Hull Drainage Systems.
Drain water from the fresh water system and the
hot water heater.
Winterize the engine and drive systems as
recommended in the engine owner’s manual
(applies to both gas and diesel systems). Portions
of this winterization procedure may require that the
boat be lifted. Winterization of engine and boat
systems should be performed by qualified service
8.   Remove the batteries and store in a cool place.
Clean the batteries using clear, clean water. Be
sure the battery has sufficient water and clean
terminals. Keep the batteries charged throughout
the storage period. DO NOT store the batteries on
a concrete floor or other damp or conductive
Lift the boat only at the desig nated “sling” labels.
See Section P-7 - Hull Support and the Preface
page 6 of this manual for additional details.
9.   Drain the alcohol out of the stove (if applicable)
and store alcohol in a cool, dry place away from
heat or spark.
B.   After Lifting
Clean the boat interior thoroughly. Vacuum
carpets, and dry clean drapes and upholstery
jackets as necessary.
Remove the drain plug.
Thoroughly wash the fiberglass exterior, espe cially
the hull bottom. Remove as much marine growth
as possible. Wax lightly.
11. Wash exterior fiber glass components, wax lightly.
Clean exterior upholstery with hand dish washing
soap and water, rinse, and dry thoroughly.
Lower boat onto cradle properly or place boat on
trailer. Be sure boat is adequately supported. The
boat should be raised slightly under the forward
supports or trailer tongue to improve drainage to
the transom drain.
13. Remove all oxidation from exterior hardware and
apply a light film of moisture - displacing lubricant.
General Maintenance - Section R
Owner’s Manual Page 158
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