2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

Raise the anchor manually or by using the windlass
if applicable.  Make sure the chain stop is engaged
if windlass is used.  Properly stow anchor and
anchor line.
Whiting, John and Bottomley, Tom. Chapman’s Log
and Owner’s Manual. 192 p.(ISBN 0-686-96737-2).
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Always be sure to raise and secure the anchor
prior to operating your boat.  Failure to raise
and secure anchor before getting underway
could result in severe injury or damage to boat
from rebounding anchor.
National Fire Protection Association. Fire Protection
Standard for Pleasure and Commercial Motor Craft.
(ISBN 0-317-07388-5, NFPA 302). National Fire
Protection Association.
Always utilize the chain stop provided with the
windlass/bow roller combination.  The chain
stop prevents the anchor from accidently
releasing while the boat is moving thus
preventing damage to the boat or possible
injury or death to individual(s) aboard the boat.
Brotherton, Miner. Twelve-Volt Bible.
(ISBN 0-915160-81-1). Seven Seas.
C - 4
There are many good boating publications that have
information about your area and what other boats are
doing, such as clubs and other activities. Educational
programs are sponsored by publications and organi-
zations such as the US Power Squadron, US Coast
Guard Auxiliary and the American Red Cross. See
your dealer about special courses available in the
area. For detailed information contact:
If the anchor becomes stuck, attach the vertical line
to the mooring cleat. Wave action on the bow may lift
flukes from the bottom and free the anchor. If the
anchor is still stuck, feed out a few feet of line and
attach it to the bow cleat. Maneuver the boat around
the anchor, keeping the line firm. Determine the angle
that will work to pull the anchor free.
American Red Cross
Local address (see local telephone directory)
website: www.redcross.org
Anchors are available in different shapes, sizes and
weights to fit different boats, uses, and conditions.
Your Four Winns dealer can tell you which anchor
will work best for your boat.
Boat U.S. Foundation for Boating Safety
website: www.boatus.com/courseline
U.S. Coast Guard Info Line
1 800 368-5647
We recommend that you read the boating literature
published by your state boating agency and the U.S.
Coast Guard. Other suggested reading includes the
Skippers Course
GPO Superintendent of Documents
Washington, DC 20012
202 512-1800
Damford, Don. Anchoring. (ISBN 0-915160-64-1).
Seven Seas.
202 512-2250 (fax)
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Boating Skills
and Seamanship. LC74-164688.(illus.).
(ISBN 0-930028-00-7). U.S. Coast Guard.
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
Local Flotilla or contact appropriate Coast Guard
District Headquarters
website: www.cgaux.org
Bottomley, Tom. Boatman’s Handbook, (illus.). 316 p.
(ISBN 0-688-03925-1, Hearst Marine Book). Morrow.
Basic Seamanship - Section C
Owner’s Manual Page 42
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