2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

B.   Power Tilt
Pressing the lower port trim tab switch will move the
starboard trim tab upward. This will result in the port
bow of the boat being allowed to rise.
Power tilt allows the operator to raise and lower
the drive unit for trailering, launching, and beaching.
Additional information on power tilt can be found in
the engine manufacturer’s manual included with this
Pressing the lower starboard trim tab switch will cause
the port trim tab to move upward and will result in the
starboard bow being allowed to rise.
Pressing the upper port trim tab switch will cause the
starboard trim tab to move downward and will force
the port bow downward.
DO NOT operate the engine with the stern
drive tilted up. Severe damage to the engine
drive system can result. Consult the Engine
Owner’s manual for specific information.
Pressing the upper starboard trim tab switch will
cause the port trim tab to move downward and will
force the starboard bow downward.
E - 7    TRIM TABS
Always establish your intended heading and attain
desired cruising speed before trying to adjust running
attitude (using the trim tabs).
Electric/hydraulic trim tabs are standard equipment
and help provide maximum control of the hull in all
water and load conditions. If used properly, trim tabs
a.   Compensate for wind and load listing
Always press the trim tab switches in short one
(1) second bursts. If pressed too long, you can
overcompensate, and potentially lose control.
DO NOT try to correct the situation by pressing
the other upper trim tab switch. Instead, raise
the tab slightly by pressing the appropriate
lower half of the trim tab switch.
(level the boat side to side).
b.   Induce faster planing and help achieve
optimum running angle (see Section E-7 -
Running Angle & Power Trim/Tilt).
The proper use of electric/hydraulic trim tabs requires
a basic understanding of trim tab operation and some
practice in calm water. Be sure to read the manufac-
turer’s literature included in the owner’s packet.
After stabilization of speed and direction, press the
upper half of the appropriate trim tab switch to achieve
a level side to side running attitude. Be sure to press
the correct trim tab switch to obtain the desired result.
The trim tab control uses two (2) momentary-type
rocker switches. The trim tab switches control the
attitude or position of the boat. The trim tab switches
are labeled by position such as “Bow Up” and “Bow
Down”. They are also labeled for “Port” and “Stbd”.
When pressed, the label indicates what happens to
the bow of the boat.
After pressing a trim tab switch, always wait and allow
time for the change in trim tab position to take effect.
DO NOT continue to press the trim tab switch while
awaiting trim tab reaction. By the time the effect is
noted, the trim tab will move too far and thus overcom-
Before leaving the dock and utilizing the trim tabs,
ensure the trim tabs are in the full up position. Press
both lower halves of the trim tab switches and hold
(for approximately 10 seconds) until the tabs are
full up.
B.   Induce Planing & Controlling Trim Angle
Trim tabs can also be used to facilitate faster planing
and allow better control of the running angle.
Before accelerating and trying to gain plane, press
both upper trim tab switches. This will cause both trim
tabs to move downward and force the bow down
when running. This can also be used when running
the boat with a heavy load aboard.
A.   Control Listing
Wind, loading and many other factors can result in
the boat tilting or leaning towards one side while
running. This is called listing and can be negated
using trim tabs.
Engines, Drives and Instrumentation - Section E
Owner’s Manual Page 56
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