2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

Ventilation and Drainage Systems
C.   Engine Ventilation System Maintenance
Periodic inspection and cleaning of the ventilation
ducts is necessary to ensure adequate air circulation.
A buildup of leaves, twigs, or other debris can severe-
ly reduce ventilation. Be sure bilge water does not
accumulate to a level that would obstruct the ventila-
tion ducts.
All Four Winns V series models are equipped with
engine compartment ventilation. This system is
designed to meet or exceed the requirements (in
effect at the time of manufacture) of the US Coast
Guard, the National Marine Manufacturers Associa-
tion, and the American Boat and Yacht Council.
Blower operation can be tested by placing a hand
over the vents. DO NOT rely on the sound of the
blower.  Be sure a substantial amount of air is being
exhausted by the bilge blower. Check the bilge blower
system often, preferably before each cruise.
A.   Natural Ventilation System
This system includes air intake and exhaust com-
ponents. The exhaust ducting reaches to the lower
bilge area. This provides adequate air movement
while underway and during bilge blower operation.
B.   Forced Air Ventilation
The V335 cabins are equipped with deck hatches for
ventilation. The aft cabin window also opens to
provide ventilation. The cabin side windows (portlight)
on these V335 models may be opened to provide
additional ventilation.
All Four Winns models are equipped with an electric
bilge blower. The bilge blower provides the ventilation
required prior to starting the engines and while at idle.
See Section H - Electrical Systems for blower opera-
tion instructions.
Failure to properly ventilate the boat while the
engines or generator are operating may permit
carbon monoxide to accumulate inside of the
cabin. Refer to Section E-2 - Engine Exhaust
and Section B-2 - Carbon Monoxide for
additional information.
Before starting the engine(s) or generator,
operate the engine compartment bilge blower
for four (4) minutes. Then check the engine
compartment for gasoline vapors. ALWAYS
operate the bilge blower while the engines are
at idle or the generator is in use. Failure to
comply could cause explosion and thereby
inflict serious injury or death.
Screens and blinds for the forward deck hatches are
a standard feature. This “layered” deck hatch system
allows the screens and blinds to be slid to the desired
position with ease. Also, storage for the screens and
blinds are built into the screen/sun/shade system.
See Figure K1.
Fumes can come from batteries while charging.
A concentration of hydrogen fumes can be
explosive under the right conditions. Ensure to
follow the above warning.
A gas vapor detector is a monitor which will
alert the operator of an accumulation of
gasoline fumes in the engine compartment.
It is optionally available on the V335 models.
DO NOT rely solely on detectors or similar
equipment. ALWAYS conduct a physical
inspection of the engine compartment.
Ventilation and Drainage Systems - Section K
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