2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

To install the cockpit canvas:
It is recommended that you retain your canvas
locator tags. In the event that replacement
parts are needed, contact your Four Winns
A cockpit cover is intended for short term storage
only. Do not operate the vessel with the cockpit
cover installed due to the potential for carbon
monoxide gas build-up.
Find the center point on the canvas and attach it to
the center point of the windshield.
O - 7
Working outward equally in both directions,
continue snapping the canvas in position.
When an engine is running, a natural vacuum may
exist with the right wind and sea conditions to allow
exhaust gases (which includes carbon monoxide) to
seep into the boat. When canvas is utilized, this
compounds the possibility of this occurring and inhibits
natural ventilation. For more information, refer to
Section B-2 - Carbon Monoxide in this manual.
When the canvas extends far enough, separate
the velcro strips and install the cover around the
bimini support poles. Reattach and smooth out
the velcro. Slide the awning track into the flexarail.
Attach to the inside of the radar arch.
Install support poles loosely - without a lot
of tension at this point.
The carbon monoxide in exhaust fumes can be
hazardous. It is important for you and your pas-
sengers to be aware of the potential safety hazard
created by exhaust fumes. Familiarize yourself with
the symptoms of individuals overcome by carbon
monoxide, and most importantly, ways you can
protect yourself and your guests. See Figure O11 -
Carbon Monoxide Canvas Warning Label and Figure
O12 - Carbon Monoxide Warning Label.
Attach straps to aft rail and pull to adjust.
See Figure O10.
Raise support poles to keep water from pooling
on top of canvas.
Snap walk-thru area and visually check
all your work.
Figure O11: Carbon Monoxide Canvas Warning Label
Figure O10: Cockpit Cover Installation
Weather Covers - Section O
Owner’s Manual Page 147
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