2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

Engines, Drives and Instrumentation
E - 1    GENERAL
created by exhaust fumes. Familiarize yourself with
the symptoms of individuals overcome by carbon
monoxide, and most importantly, ways you can
protect yourself and your guests.
DO NOT attempt to service any engine without
being totally familiar with the safe and proper
service procedures. Do not attempt to maintain
or adjust an engine while it is running. Certain
moving parts are exposed and failing to shut off
the engine can result in serious injury or death.
DO NOT inhale exhaust fumes! Exhaust
contains carbon monoxide which is colorless
and odorless. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous
gas that is potentially lethal.
Persons overcome by carbon monoxide may
exhibit the following symptoms:
Four Winns does not manufacture engines or drives.
Because of the technical nature of the engine and
drive systems, all manufacturers of these items
require that warranty and service problems be taken
directly to an authorized dealer for resolution. The
Four Winns dealer from whom you purchased your
boat, will handle all warranty and service matters
with the engine manufacturer for you.
a.   Watering and itchy eyes
b.   Flushed appearance
c.   Throbbing temples
d.   Inattentiveness
e.   Inability to think coherently
f.   Ringing in the ears
g.   Tightness across the chest
h.   Headache
In compliance with the Federal Boat Safety Act of
all engine manufacturers require their products
to be registered. A registration card is furnished with
each new engine. When selling a Four Winns
i.   Drowsiness
j.   Incoherence
k.   Nausea
the dealer, along with the purchaser, should complete
the information requested on these cards and return
them to the respective engine manufacturers. Engine
registration cards are provided with the engine and
will usually be found with the boat literature.
l.   Dizziness
m.  Fatigue
n.   Vomiting
o.   Collapse
p.   Convulsions
Each manufacturer of the various marine power
components provides an owner’s information manual
with their product. This publication is included with this
manual. It is important that you read the manual(s)
carefully and become completely familiar with proper
care and operation of the engine and drive system.
Be sure to read the section on winterization. Replace-
ment costs associated with frozen engine blocks, drive
systems and other components are quite substantial.
The following suggestions can help prevent exhaust
fumes from entering the boat or injuring people in the
DO NOT allow the boat to remain stationary with
the engines running for an extended period of
time. Do not stand or swim near the exhaust
output or outdrive when the engine is idling.
Also review the other sections in this manual,
especially Sections I on Fuel Systems, and Section F
on Control Systems.
Use extreme caution while operating the engines
in confined areas such as enclosed slips, congest-
ed piers, or in any area where the exhaust outlets
are facing or near a bulkhead or wall structure of
any kind. Operation under such conditions could
easily lead to exhaust gasses (carbon monoxide)
entering even though you may have all the
A.   Carbon Monoxide
The carbon monoxide in exhaust fumes can be
hazardous. It is important for you and your pas-
sengers to be aware of the potential safety hazard
hatches, windows, doors and portholes closed.
Engines, Drives and Instrumentation - Section E
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