2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

Move shift/throttle lever(s) to the neutral idle
position. Placing the shift/throttle levers in the
neutral detent position will engage neutral start
switch and allow engine to start.
If you suspect there is a problem, see your engine
manufacturer’s authorized service center as soon as
possible for proper diagnosis and required service or
adjustment. Continued operation could result in
damage to the shift mechanism and loss of control.
To go FORWARD - move the shift/throttle lever(s)
forward. Once forward gear engagement is
complete, push shift/throttle lever(s) forward until
desired speed is achieved.
D.   Stopping Engine
1.   Move shifter lever(s) to the NEUTRAL position.
Place throttle levers (if applicable) in idle position.
To go in REVERSE - move the shift/throttle
lever(s) rearward. Once rearward gear engage-
ment is complete, push shift/throttle lever(s)
rearward until desired speed is achieved.
2.   Turn ignition key to the OFF position.
DO NOT stop engine at speeds above idle
or “speed up” engine while turning off
ignition. Engine damage could result.
DO NOT shift from forward to reverse when
the boat is planing.
DO NOT shift if engine speed is above 800
If the boat should become disabled, or if
assisting another craft that is disabled,
great care must be taken. The stress
applied to a boat during towing may
become excessive. Excessive stress can
damage the structure of the boat and
create a safety hazard for those aboard.
To go from FORWARD to REVERSE, or
REVERSE to FORWARD; always pause at
NEUTRAL and allow engine speed to return
to idle.
After shifting is completed, slowly push throttle
lever(s) forward/rearward until desired speed
is achieved.
Four Winns® boats are not designed nor intended to
be used as a towing vessel. The mooring cleats on
Four Winns  boats are not designed or intended to be
used for towing purposes. These cleats are specifi-
cally designed as mooring cleats for securing the boat
to a dock, pier, etc. DO NOT use these fittings for
towing or attempting to free a grounded vessel.
Any time the boat is operated, be aware of
changes in shift system operation. A
sudden increase in shift effort of the shifter
levers, or other abnormal operation,
indicates a possible problem in the shift
system. If this occurs, the following
precautions must be taken:
Freeing a grounded vessel or towing a boat that is
disabled requires specialized equipment and knowl-
edge. Line failure and structural damage caused
by improper towing have resulted in fatal injuries.
Because of this, Four Winns strongly suggests that
these activities be left to those who have the equip-
ment and knowledge such as the US Coast Guard
With engine running and boat securely
tied to the dock, shift drive into forward
and reverse to ensure there is gear
or Sea Tow , to safely accomplish the towing task.
When docking the boat, all docking
maneuvers must be performed at slow
speed. Pay special attention to other
boaters. Passengers should be
informed of potential problems and
precautions taken.
Operation - Section A
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