2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

SHACKLE - A “U” shaped connector with a pin
or bolt across the open end.
STRUT - A propeller shaft support that is below
the hull.
SHAFT - The long, round member that connects
the engine or transmission to the propeller.
SUMP - A pit or well into which water is drained.
SUPERSTRUCTURE - Deck houses and other
structures extending above the deck.
SHAFT LOG - A fitting at the hull bottom where the
shaft connecting an engine to its propeller penetrates
the hull.  A shaft log permits the shaft to rotate while
simultaneously preventing water from entering
the hull.
THWART - A seat or brace running laterally across
a boat.
THWARTSHIPS - At right angles to the centerline.
SHEER - The top of the hull’s curvature at the deck
line from the bow to the stern.
TILLER - A bar or handle for turning a boat’s rudder,
or motor.
SHEER STRAKE - The upper edge of the hull,
immediately below the deck.
TOPSIDE - To go up to the top deck.
SHEET BEND - A knot used to join tow ropes.
SHOAL - An area of shallow water.
TRANSOM - The stern cross-section of a square
sterned boat
TRANSVERSE - Across the vessel; athwartships.
TRIM - Fore and aft balance of a boat.
SILENCER - A baffled chamber installed in an
exhaust system to reduce the noise.
SOLE - Term for deck, cabin or cockpit floor.
TROUGH - 1. The valley that exists between waves.
A trough is the opposite of a ridge in that it is an
SPAR - A general term for booms, masts, yards etc.
elongated low-pressure area extending out from a
low.  A trough normally indicates unsettled weather.
SPRING LINE - A pivot line used in docking, undoc
king, or to prevent the boat from moving forward or
astern while made fast to a dock.
TUMBLE HOME - The opposite of flare.  The shape
of the hull as it moves outboard going down from the
gunwale to the waterline or chine.
STARBOARD - Looking forward, the right side
of a boat.
UNDERWAY - Movement.  Usually referring to a
vessel proceeding forward.
STARBOARD BEAM - The right-center of a boat.
V-BOTTOM - A hull with the bottom section in the
STARBOARD BOW - When facing the bow, the front
right side.
shape of a “V.”
V DRIVE - A drive system that has the output of the
engine facing forward and coupled to a transmission.
The prop shaft is then coupled to the transmission.
STARBOARD QUARTER - When looking forward,
the right rear section of the boat.
STEERAGEWAY - The lowest speed at which
a vessel can be controlled by the steering wheel.
WAKE - Moving waves, track or path that a boat
leaves behind it when moving across the water.
STEM - The leading edge of a boat’s hull.
STERN - The back of a boat.
WATER LINE - The line of the water on the hull when
the vessel is afloat.
WATCH - A 4 hour duty period while at sea.
STRINGER - A fore and aft continuous member used
to provide a vessel longitudinal strength.
WAVES - Waves are periodic disturbances of the
sea’s surface, caused by wind, seaquakes, and the
gravitational pull of the moon and the sun.
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