2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

If the weather looks bad, use spring-lines from the
bow and stern to dock amidships of the boat. Tie up
on the downwind side of the dock. If the wind is
changeable, place fenders over the side between the
boat and the dock.
If you are mooring your boat for a short time, bow and
stern lines may be the only lines you will need. If you
are mooring your boat for a longer time or the currents
are swift, you should use spring lines. The stern spring
line leads from the boat’s stern cleat forward to the
piling or cleat on the dock. The bow spring line leads
from the bow cleat aft to the dock.
B.   Mooring
After you have positioned your boat next to the dock,
you must secure it with mooring lines to keep it in
position. Mooring lines must be long enough to secure
your boat in any docking situation. For example, the
length of the lines for a 16-foot runabout should be at
least 15 feet. An eye splice at the end of each line
works well with bow or stern cleats.
If you are mooring your boat in a slip, bow and spring
lines, port and starboard, will keep your boat in
NOTE: If tides  are a consideration, be  sure to leave
slack in the lines to make up for the rise and fall of the
water while your boat is docked.
The mooring lines you will use most often are the bow
line, the stern line, and spring lines as shown on
Figure S5. Each line has a specific purpose. The bow
line and the stern line secure your boat’s bow and
stern. The two spring lines keep your boat from
moving forward or backward when you are moored
alongside a dock.
Figure S5: Mooring Lines
Pre-Launch and Underway - Section S
Owner’s Manual Page 174
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