2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

blower for four (4) minutes. Then, prior to starting
the engine(s), check the bilge area for the scent
of gasoline fumes; DO NOT start the engines if
the odor of gasoline is detected.
Frequently inspect the fuel system fittings. Inspect
the fuel tank, pump and filter for signs of leaks or
corrosion. Visually inspect for deteriorating metal
fittings at the fuel hose connections.
(Nozzle in contact with fuel opening - Correct)
If areas are found within the fuel system that
appear questionable, have a qualified marine
technician inspect the system. Have those fuel
system components that do not pass inspection
replaced.  A thorough fuel system examination
should be made by an experienced marine
technician at least once a year.
I - 3
Avoid fueling at night except in emergencies.
(Nozzle not in contact with fuel opening - Incorrect)
2.   When moored at fueling pier:
Figure I8:  Grounding Fuel Hose
Do not smoke, strike matches, or throw
Spilled fuel is a fire and explosion hazard.
DO NOT overflow the tank or allow fuel spills
into the hull or bilges. Avoid overboard spills.
When tank is almost full the sound from the fuel
vent will change.  The pitch will become higher
indicating the tank is close to being full. Stop
pumping fuel into tank.  Do not top off.
Stop all engines, motors, fans, and devices
that could produce sparks.
Put out all lights and galley stove.
Position the Battery Selector Switch to OFF.
3.   Before starting to fuel:
5.   After fueling:
a.   Ensure that boat is moored securely.
b.   Close all ports, windows, doors and hatches.
a.   Replace all fill caps securely.
Wipe up any spilled fuel.
c.    Be sure the proper type of grade of fuel as
recommended by your engine manual is
Open all ports, windows, doors and hatches.
Determine that there is no odor of gasoline
in the engine compartment or below decks
before starting machinery, turning on lights
or lighting stove.  Operate the bilge blower
system for at least four (4) minutes before
engine start-up.
d.   Determine how much additional fuel is
required to avoid overflow.
During fueling:
Be prepared to cast off moorings as soon
as engines are started.
Keep the fill nozzle in contact with the fuel opening
at all times to guard against possible static spark.
See Figure I8.
Fuel Systems - Section I
Owner’s Manual Page 83
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