2011 Four Winns V335 Boat Owners Manual

ISOTHERMS - Isotherms are lines that are similar to
Isobars except that Isotherms connect all the points
that are of equal temperature.
HARDTOP - A permanent cover over the cabin or
HAWSER - A heavy rope or cable used for mooring
or towing.
JETSAM - Refuse that sinks when discharged
HEAD - A toilet or lavatory area.
KEDGE(S) - One or more anchors set out from
a grounded vessel, usually astern, to 1) keep it
from being driven further aground and 2) to aid in
HEADING - The direction that a vessel is going with
reference to true, magnetic, or compass north.
HEADWAY - The forward motion of a vessel through
the water.
KEEL - 1. The centerline of a boat hull bottom
running fore and aft, 2. The backbone of a vessel.
HEAVE TO - To bring a vessel up in a position where
it will maintain little or no headway, usually with the
bow into the wind.
KNOT - 1. A maritime unit of speed equal to one
nautical mile per hour (6076 feet). 2. A term for
hitches and bends.
HEAVY WEATHER - Stormy weather with high seas
and strong winds.
LANYARD - A short line made fast to an object
to secure it.
HEEL - To tip to one side.
LATITUDE - The measure of angular distance in
degrees, minutes, and seconds, north or south of
the equator.
HELM - The wheel or tiller that manually controls the
boat’s steering system.
LAZARETTE - Storage compartment in the deck
at the stern.
HELMSMAN - The individual steering the vessel.
HIGHS - A center of pressure surrounded by lower
pressure on all sides.  Caused by a mass of cooler,
sinking, drier air.  This raises the area ground level air
pressure and provides clear skies.
LEADLINE - A weighted line used to take depth
LEE - The direction opposite that of the wind.
LEEWARD - Away from the wind.
HULL - The main body of a boat.
INBOARD - 1. From either the port or starboard side
of a boat toward the fore-and-aft centerline of a boat.
LIST - A vessel that inclines to port or starboard.
The dock side of a moored boat.
LORAN - Long Range Navigation.  An electronic
system whereby a navigator can determine position
regardless of weather.
INLAND RULES - Nautical “Rules-of-the-Road” that
apply in U.S. lakes, rivers, and coastal waters.
LONGITUDINAL - Running lengthwise.
INTERNATIONAL RULES - Nautical “Rules-of-the-
Road” that are in effect by international agree ment to
the high seas.
LOWS - A region of low atmospheric pressure.
Hurricanes are extremely concentrated low pressure
ISOBARS - Lines of equal air pressure that connect
all the local points on a weather map. These lines are
usually closed and define high or low pressure air
LUBBER LINE - A mark or line on the compass
parallel to the keel indicating forward.
MAST - A spar that is set upright to support lighting,
rigging, or sails.
Owner’s Manual Page 178
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