2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

Should blower noise and vibration be excessive, loosen-
ing the bilge blower mounting screws and then tightening
evenly usually reduces noise considerably.
All Four Winns® stern drive models are equipped with
enginecompartmentventilation.  Thissystemisdesigned
to meet or exceed the requirements (in effect at the time
of manufacture) of the U.S. Coast Guard, the National
and Yacht Council.
K - 2
Deck hatches on Four Winns® Sundowner models are
designed to open and provide adequate ventilation in the
cabin berth area.
A.   Gravity Ventilation System
Theexhaustductingreachestothelowerbilgearea.      This
ing bilge blower operation.
Failure to properly ventilate the boat while the
engine is operating may permit carbon monox-
ide to accumulate inside of the cabin. Refer to
Section E-2 Engine Exhaust and  Section B-2
Carbon Monoxide for additional information.
B.   Forced Air Ventilation
All Four Winns® models except outboards are equipped
with an electric bilge blower. The bilge blower provides
the ventilation required prior to starting the engines and
while at  idle.  See  Section H -  Electrical Systems for
blower operation instructions.
A screen for the forward deck hatch is available for  all
applicable Sundowner™ models. The screen is remov-
able and must be stored properly when not in use.
Be sure the deck hatch is secured while under-
way.  Damage to the  hatch may result.  Store
the screen in a safe place to prevent damage.
Gasoline vapors can explode resulting in injury
or death. Before starting the engine, check the
enginecompartmentbilge  forgasolineorvapors,
blower operation.  Run blower when vessel is
operating below cruising speed. ALWAYSoper-
ate the bilge blower while the engines are at idle.
Deck hatches are made of plexiglass and canbecleaned
with mild dishwashing soap and water.   Ensure that a
clean cloth is used to prevent scratching the plexiglass.
For additional cleaning instructions please see Section
Q - Woodwork and Composites.
C.   Engine Ventilation System Maintenance
Periodic inspection and cleaning of the ventilation ducts
isnecessarytoensureadequateaircirculation.    Abuildup      A.   Transom Drain
of leaves, twigs, or other debris can severely reduce ven-
tilation.  Be sure bilge water does not accumulate  to a     A transom drain with plug is provided in the engine com-
level that would obstruct the ventilation ducts.
partment to allow water drainage. When the boat is out
of the water, the boat and trailer should be positioned so
Blower operation can be tested by placing a hand over    any bilge water accumulation during dry storage will flow
the vents. DO NOT rely on the sound of the blower. Be    towards the transom.
sure a substantial amount of air is being exhausted by
the bilge blower.  Check the bilge blower system often,
preferably before each cruise.
Sundowner™  Owner’s  Manual
Section K
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