2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

SILENCER - A baffled chamber installed in an exhaust    TROUGH - 1. The valley that exists between waves.  2.
system to reduce the noise.
A trough is the opposite of a ridge in  that it is an elon-
gated low-pressure area  extending out from a low.   A
trough normally indicates unsettled weather.
SOLE - Term for deck, cabin or cockpit floor.
SPAR - A general term for booms, masts, yards etc.
TUMBLE HOME - The opposite of flare.  The shape of
SPRING LINE -Apivot line used in docking, undocking,    the hull as it moves outboard going down from the gun-
or to  prevent the boat from  moving forward or  astern     wale to the waterline or chine.
while made fast to a dock.
UNDERWAY - Movement. Usually referring to a vessel
STARBOARD - Looking forward, the right side of a boat.  proceeding forward.
STARBOARD BEAM - The right-center of a boat.
V-BOTTOM -Ahull with the bottom section in the shape
of a “V.”
STARBOARD BOW -  When facing the  bow, the front
right side.
V DRIVE - A drive system that has the output of the en-
gine facing forward and coupled to a transmission. The
STARBOARD QUARTER - When looking forward, the     prop shaft is then coupled to the transmission.
right rear section of the boat.
WAKE - Moving waves, track or path that a boat leaves
STEERAGEWAY - The lowest speed at which a vessel    behind it when moving across the water.
can be controlled by the steering wheel.
WATER LINE - The line of  the water on the hull when
STEM - The leading edge of a boat’s hull.
STERN - The back of a boat.
the vessel is afloat.
WATCH - A 4 hour duty period while at sea.
STRINGER -Afore and aft continuous member used to    WAVES - Waves are periodic disturbances of the sea’s
provide a vessel longitudinal strength.
surface, caused by wind,  seaquakes, and the gravita-
tional pull of the moon and the sun.
STRUT -Apropeller shaft support that is below the hull.
SUMP - A pit or well into which water is drained.
WAVE GRADIENT-Awave’s  slope or angle from trough
to crest with respect to the horizon.
SUPERSTRUCTURE - Deck  houses and other struc-     WAVE HEIGHT - From the bottom of a wave’s trough to
tures extending above the deck.                                        the top of the crest.
THWART - A seat  or brace running  laterally across a     WEATHER DECK -Adeck with no overhead protection.
WET EXHAUST - This term  refers to an exhaust sys-
THWARTSHIPS - At right angles to the centerline.
tem where the cooling  seawater is mixed with the  ex-
haust gases  just after the  riser.   This mixture is  then
TILLER - A bar or handle for turning a boat’s rudder, or    ejected through the drive or ports located in the transom
or hull sides.
TOPSIDE - To go up to the top deck.
WHARF - A man-made structure bounding the edge of
a dock and built along the shoreline.
TRANSOM -The stern cross-section of a square sterned
WHIPPING - The act of wrapping the end of a piece of
rope with  small line, tape or  plastic to prevent  it from
TRANSVERSE - Across the vessel; athwartships.
TRIM - Fore and aft balance of a boat.
WINDLASS - A device used to raise and lower the an-
Sundowner™  Owner’s  Manual
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