2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

The trailer’s safety chain/cable length MUST be
set short enough so the actuator’s break-away
cable is NOT  pulled if the  coupler separates
from the tow vehicle’s hitch  but remains con-
nected by the safety chains/cables. The break-
away system  should  only be  activated after
BOTH the trailer’s coupler and safety chains/
pletely separate from the tow vehicle. Provide
just enough slack in  the trailer safety chains/
cables to allow short radius turns. The chains/
cables should not drag on the ground. Safety
chains/cables must be used.
Be sure the tow vehicle and trailer are level and
have a positive tongue load. This will allow the
brake actuators to function properly on trailer
models having such braking systems.
Be sure to read the manufacturer’s literature, included in
the owner’s packet,beforetowingyourFourWinns®boat
and trailer.
B.   Backing Up With Surge Disc Brakes
backing up.
Before backing up a slope or through soft ground,
pull the trailer forward slightly to assure the actuator
socket is in the fully forward position.
Back the trailer up.
Avoid sharp turns. This could bend, create ex-
treme stress or  fracture either the actuator or
trailer tongue.
Figure  S13:   Crossing  the Safety  Chains/Cables
To reduce the risk of Break-away accidents, be
sure coupler is seated and safety chains/cables
crisscrossed before trailering.
Be sure to check for obstacles or persons be-
hind the trailer before backing up. Also, adjust
your mirrors for clear view of the area behind the
Rubber safety chain straps are included on the
“S” hooks to prevent chains/cables from bounc-
ing off of the tow vehicle and must be used.
If the trailer is to be uncoupled from the tow vehicle
after backing, block all trailer wheels and pull forward
slightly to take strain off the actuator.
Retract jack fully and place in trailering or horizontal
Uncouple the actuator by lifting the release handle
and raise the trailer tongue with the jack.
Checkforpropertowvehicle-trailerhookup.    Thetow
vehicle and  trailer should be  level with a  positive
tongue load. Four Winns® trailers are designed with
tongue weights between 5%  and 10% of the total
weight of the boat, fuel, gear and trailer.  The trailer
shouldbeclosetolevel.    Ifunsureoftongueloadand
trailer position, consult your Four Winns dealer be-
For most trailering  conditions, the brake actuator  will
allow you to back up normally. However, if the coupler
is not wired or if there is a failure the trailer can still be
backed up by using the manual brake lockout.
To use your lockout,  check that no force is  being ap-
plied to the actuator. This is achieved by positioning the
towing vehicle and the trailer on a flat service, or with the
trailer downhill from the tow vehicle.  Set the vehicle’s
parking brake.
Sundowner™ Owner’s Manual
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