2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

enginecompartmentusually  near the vicinity of the fresh
water tank.
Models equipped with the transom washdown option will
use the same  fresh water pump used  for the cockpit
sink.  With the “FRESH WATER” switch “ON”, push the
spray nozzle button to purge any air that may be in the
system. When a steady flow of water is coming from the
washdown nozzle the air has been purged. Release the
spray nozzle when finished. As the pressure builds, the
pump will automatically shut off at 35 psi.
system can be used in the same manner as the water
system in a home. An automatic pressure sensor in the
water pump keeps the system pressurized. Simply op-
erate the spray nozzle and water will be delivered. If the
system has been recently filled, or has not been used for
an extended period of time, air bubbles may accumulate
at the pump.  If this should happen, re-priming may be
Figure  J3: Typical  Sundowner™  Refreshment   Centers
C.   Transom Washdown
The transom washdown is  available on Sundowner™
models.  The washdown unit is typically located on the
starboard side of the transom. The water supply system
can be used for showering or washdown purposes at the
transom. The switch to operate the water pump is locat-
ed on the refreshment center or starboard helm and is
marked FRESH WATER. See Figure J4.
J - 4
Enclosed Heads
On certain Sundowner™ models, a fully enclosed fiber-
glass head is a standard feature. This roomy head of-
fers an opening port light, removable carpet, and Vacu-
flush® toilet. Also found in this head is a sink with pres-
age locker, bathroom tissue holder.
Other Sundowner™ models utilize a porta potti located
in the cabin. The models with a porta potti either incor-
porate a slider or use a cushion/cover for concealment.
The slider allows you to slide the porta potti out of the
way when not in use. Note: Removal of the cabin step
is necessary if  the porta potti is mounted  on a slider.
Figure  J4: Transom  Shower
The fresh water tank which supplies water to the tran-     See  Figure   J5.    Refer  to  Section   J-4B   and  the
som washdown isusually locatedintherearenginecom-       manufacturer’s literature included in the owner’s packet
partment on  the port side  of the boat.  Other specific     regarding the use, care and maintenance of  the porta
models have the fresh water tank located on the star-
board side.   The fresh  water fill deck plate  is usually
located on the same side as the tank. The fresh water
deck fills are clearly mark “WATER”.
A separate toggle switch to operate the pump is located
at thestarboard helm or refreshment center and is wired
directly to the battery. An in-line fuse is included to pro-
tect the water pump.   The pump is located in the  rear
Sundowner™  Owner’s  Manual
Section J
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