2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

If the  power steering  system cannot be  corrected on     Propeller torque can also cause the boat to wander (not
board, proceed at a  reduced speed.  The boat will  be     follow a straight line) when operated at low speeds. This
steerable, but with increased effort.  Return the boat to    condition is normal and can be corrected only by increas-
your Four Winns dealer as soon as possible to correct     ing engine rpm. Wind, water currents and play in steer-
the power steering system.
ing components can cause equivalent effects.
If equipped with power steering, check the fluid
level in the  reservoir periodically.  Low  power
steering fluid levels may increase steering diffi-
Steering effort can vary significantly with engine
acceleration, steering angle, trim angle, and sea
condition.  Be prepared for additional  steering
loads at all times.
A.   General Maintenance
After the first two hours of running time, check
the entire steering system for loose bolts, nuts
ing control.
A periodic inspection of all steering cables, linkage and
helm assemblies should be made.  Signs of corrosion,
cracking, loosening  of fastenings,  excessive wear, or
deterioration should be immediately corrected.  Failure
to do so could lead to steering system failure and corre-
sponding loss of control.
When storing equipment in the engine compart-
ment, be sure to avoid contact with the steering
cable. Cables may become kinked or damaged
and may increase steering effort.
Check all bolts, nuts and fasteners for tightness.
DO NOT  force the  steering unit to  either ex-
treme.  This can place undue strain on the unit
and can lead to hydraulic line or seal failure.
B.   Rotary System Maintenance
The helm and  cable assembly should  be so adjusted
that the steering wheel is centered with the drive or out-
boardengineinthestraightaheadposition.     Thereshould
be an equal number of turns to port and starboard from
the straight  ahead position.   If  adjustment becomes
necessary, see your Four Winns® dealer.
It is important that the power steering fluid be maintained
at the proper level.  Do not over fill the power steering
pump reservoir.  Please consult the  section in the en-
gine manual  regarding steering  system and  mainte-
nance.  The engine manual is included in the owner’s
packet. Also included in you owner’s packet is the steer-
ing manufacturer’s literature.
Check all metal parts at the cable output end for corro-
sion.  Remove any old grease from the cable ram and
motor swivel connections using a mild solvent such as
WD-40.  Spray the cleaned areas with  a moisture-dis-
placing lubricant and apply a light coat  of good quality
marine grease. Do this with the ram fully extended. See
Figure G2.
The propeller rotation of a single engine installation will
exert a directional  force on the steering system.   This
can cause the steering to be harder in one direction than
the other, and is called propeller torque.  If this occurs,
adjust the drive or outboard’s trim tab (when applicable).
Refer to  the engine manual,  included in  the owner’s
packet, for information on adjusting the trim tab.
Sundowner™ Owner’s Manual
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