2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

Refrigerator - The CHARGER/REFRIGERATOR circuit   C.   Reverse Polarity Indicator
breaker must be on to  operate on 110 voltage.  If this
breaker is off, the refrigerator will automatically operate   Improper grounds or reversed polarity at  shore power
on the  12 volt system.   This can  deplete the battery.     are a source of serious electrical hazard.  The reverse
Excessive drain on the battery  may cause irreparable     polarity light will indicate if a problem exists at the 110
battery damage. The refrigerator will automatically op-     AC electrical system shore connection.
erateon110voltswhenprovided   (with the circuit breaker
in the  ON position).   Please refer  to manufacturer’s     If a problem exists, the Reverse Polarity Indicator Light
operating instructions included with the owner’s packet.   will come on when the shore power cable is attached to
the inlet.   DO NOT activate the  shore power breaker
Microwave - On certain Sundowner™ model with this     switch in the cabin when the Reverse Polarity light is on.
option the boat must be connected to dockside power
and the MICROWAVE breaker must be switched to the
“ON” position to supply power to the microwave.
ALWAYS check the Reverse Polarity Indicator
Light in the AC distribution panel immediately
upon connecting the shore power cord before
turning on theAC SHORE POWER circuit bre-
aker. If the light is on, a problem with a reversed
electrical connection  exists.   Disconnect the
shore power cord immediately. Notify the mari-
na and have the dock’s shore  power connec-
tion inspected.
Receptacles - The OUTLETS  circuit breaker must be
switched to the “ON” position  to supply power for the
corresponding receptaclesin theAC system. (For those
models with  the receptacles built  into the AC  panel,
power is supplied to the receptacles when shore power
is provided.)
Most receptacle circuits are capable of handling 15 am-
peres.  Refer to Table III for a list of equipment and the
electrical currents  usually required  to operate  these
items.  For 220 volt, 50 Hertz models,  divide all of the
current ratings below by 2. Usually, the power require-
ment is specified on the electrical item. This is only an
approximation of  the electric  current usage  normally
Under proper operating conditions, the Reverse Polar-
ity Indicator Light will not be on.  A green light is  pro-
vided for the shore power and will be ON when dockside
power is being used.
Some marina shore power systems may be im-
properly grounded  to retard  electrolysis (see
Section H-7 Stray Current Corrosion).  Before
using any 110 volt equipment,  make sure the
necting the cord to the inlet.
Table III:  Electrical Equipment
Air Conditioners
Battery Chargers
Blankets (Electric)
Coffee Makers
Electrical Drills
See motor load plate
Up to 800 watts (7.3 amps)
50 to 200 watts (2 amps)
550 to 700 watts (6.3 amps)
See motor load plate
D.   Ground Fault Current Interrupters (GFCI)
The Ground Fault  Current Interrupter (GFCI) is  a de-
vice which protects against hazardous electrical shock
from improper ground. An appliance electrical cord with
worn insulation or damp equipment may have stray cur-
rent which will run through electrical grounds. Stray cur-
rent as above will result in an electrical shock.
25 to 75 watts (0.7 amps)
1350 watts (12.3 amps)
1500 watts (13.7 amps)
Wattage as marked
Fry Pan
1500 watts (10.5 amps)
See motor load plate
One GFCI receptacle will protect all of the receptacles
on the circuit. A GFCI may be used as a receptacle as
well as an interrupter.
Vacuum Cleaners
Sundowner™  Owner’s  Manual
Section H
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