2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

chor, with a 1/2” line. The recommended line length is
feet.  This larger Sundowner™ model can be
equipped with a windlass option which receives a 14-
pound Delta Fast Set™ by  Simpson Lawrence® with
Always be sure to raise and secure the an-
chor prior to operating your boat. Failure to
raise and secure anchor before getting under-
way could result in severe injury or damage to
boat from rebounding anchor.
feet of rope and chain.  Because of differences in
style, a larger anchor may be needed for different bottom
or boating conditions. Your Four Winns dealer can tell
you which anchor will work best for your boat.
If the anchor becomes stuck, attach the vertical line to
Keep anchor secure while underway to prevent damage   the mooring cleat. Wave action on the bow may lift flukes
or injury due to sudden shifting in the boat’s attitude.
from the bottom and free the anchor. If the anchor is still
stuck, feed out a few feet of line and attach it to the bow
Use two or more anchors if anchoring overnight or for     cleat. Maneuver the boat around the anchor,  keeping
extended periods. If not using two anchors, make cer-    the line firm. Determine the angle that will work to pull
tain there is sufficient clearance for your boat to swing    the anchor free.
in a full circle to prevent damage in case of shifting winds.
Anchors are usually a  dealer installed option.   Please
Make certain you have enough anchor line (or scope) for  checkwithyourFourWinnsdealerforrecommendations.
the depth of water. Your  anchor line should be 6 to  7
times the depth of water anchored in.  For example, if
you are in 20 feet of water, use 120 to 140 feet of anchor M - 7     BOW ROLLER
The bow roller assembly is standard equipment on se-
lect Sundowner™ models only. The bow roller extends
beyond the bow and is integrated with the anchor chute.
The function of the bow roller is toalloweasier retrievalof
the anchor. It also protects the hull/deck  from surface
abrasions or gouges while either anchored or when re-
Secure anchor line to bow  eye or deck cleat.
Never tie anchor line to a rail, rail fitting or other
hardware not designed to support this stress.
trieving  the anchor.    Refer to  Figure M6.    Refer to
manufacturer’s literature for operation, care and mainte-
To drop anchor:
nance included in the owner’s packet.
Approach your selected anchoring site from downwind
and come to a dead stop over the spot where you want
to drop anchor. Lower the anchor.
To prevent a possible man overboard situation,
Maneuver the boat slowly backwards until length of an-
NEVER stand on, or try to utilize the bow plat-
chor line is 6 or 7 times the depth of the water.
form area inanywaywhiletheboatisunderway.
Fasten the anchor line around the bow eye or deck cleat.
Anchor flukes should dig  in and catch. Watch for  an-
chor drag by checking shoreline landmarks at the time
the anchor is dropped and one-half hour later. If the boat
has drifted away from these reference marks, the an-
chor is dragging and must be reset.
To weigh anchor:
Start the engine running before pulling in anchor.
Slowly maneuver the boat forward to reduce tension on
the line and make retrieval of the anchor line easier.
Raise and secure the anchor.
Figure  M6:   Bow  Roller
Sundowner™  Owner’s  Manual
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