2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

This manual will acquaint you with the use and maintenance of your new Four Winns boat.  This manual also
provides special information critical to the safety of the passengers, and longevity of the equipment. The informa-
tion on the following page lists the graphics used to increase the visibility of these important messages.  Also
includedin your owner’s packet is the “Boating Basics,AGuide to Responsible Boating”. This publication covers
the boating basics and should be read along with your Four Winns Owner’s Manual before operating your boat.
Review this information completely before using your new boat.
Four Winns continually strives  to improve its products.   Unit specifications, including standard and optional
equipment are constantly being  modified.  Equipment availability is also  subject to change.  The most
current and accurate information available at the time of publication is included in this manual.  Some
variation in equipment, description, location, and details can result.
The information in this manual focuses  upon the equipment designed and manufactured by Four Winns  on
specific models. When appropriate, please utilize the information pertinent to your specific boat model.
Equipment such as engines, and other accessories are manufactured by others. The information provided in
this manual is intended to be used in conjunction with the information provided by the manufacturers
of this equipment.  All information available at the time of manufacture has been included with your owner’s
packet. In many cases, replacement of manufacturer’s literature may be obtained via their respective Internet
Read this entire manual carefully before operating your new boat. Many instructions may require direct
performance of the activity to fully understand the correct method.  If you choose to read this manual at home,
remember to take it to the boat with you.
Your Four Winns dealer knows your boat best and is interested in your complete satisfaction.  Return to the
dealer for service or other assistance. If you find it necessary to contact Four Winns directly, please refer to the
address information listed below. Be sure to include the boat model, hull identification number, your daytime
telephone number, and specifics of the information desired.
This manual has been specifically developed for the Sundownermodels.  Please record the model and hull
identification number information below.
Hull Identification Number
This manual should be considered part of the boat. Should you sell the boat, pass this manual on to the new
owner. Take special care of this manual. Certain information in this manual may not be available in a replacement
manual. An electronic version of this manual may be viewed on our website at www.fourwinns.com.
Thank you for joining the Four Winns family.  We  appreciate your purchase and welcome the opportunity to
demonstrate our commitment to you.
Four Winns Customer Service Department
Frisbie Street
Cadillac, Michigan 49601
E-Mail Address: boating@fourwinns.com
©FOUR WINNS L.L.C. 2004. All Rights Reserved.
Sundowner™  Owner’s  Manual
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Evgeny on Jun 25, 2013.

nice boat!

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