2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

C.   Capsizing
5.   Shore up the hole with a spare PFD or bunk cush-
ion from your boat.
Wear PFDs or have them readily available at all times. If
your boat capsizes, and  others were on board, locate
them and guide them to the safety of the hull. Even if the
boat floats in an upside-down position, stay with it. The
boat hull is much easier for rescuers to spot than a hu-
man head sticking out of the water. DO NOT attempt to
swim ashore, it may be further than it looks.
6.   While  blocking the hole, trim the boat so that the
hole is out of the water.
Most fires are caused by electrical problems or  care-
less fueling practices.  A fire  on board your boat is a
serious emergency.  You must work quickly  to imple-
ment safety procedures.  If a fire occurs, immediately
stop the engine.
D.   Man Overboard
Think through and follow these procedures if someone in
your boat falls overboard.
Make sure  all persons aboard  are wearing their
Remember, every second counts, you must act fast.
Move throttles to idle position immediately and yell
2.   If the fire is small, attempt to put it out with your fire
extinguisher.  If the fire  is in the engine compart-
ment, turn off the  bilge blower.  Do not  open the
engine compartment. This feeds oxygen to the fire
and may cause it to flare up.
Throw some floating object overboard immediately.
Keep your required Type IV PFD  accessible at all
times for such an emergency.
If the  fire gets out  of control, execute  a distress
signal and call for help if equipped with a ship-to-
shore radio.
Keep the person in  the water in sight at all  times.
Have a passenger do nothing but watch the person.
Do not  go into the water  to help the  victim.  One
person in the water is enough trouble.
4.   Allpersonsaboardshouldjumpoverboardandswim
a safe distance away from the flames.
Circle around quickly, approaching into the wind and
waves.  When the person is alongside, put the en-
gine in neutral and throw them a Type IV PFD with a
line attached or extend a paddle or boat hook within
his/her reach.
IMPORTANT: All persons aboard should know the lo-
cation and proper operation of the fire extinguishers.
E.   Collision
Use only approved marine cooking and heating sys-
If a serious collision occurs, you should first check the
condition of all  passengers aboard, then inspect  your
boat to determine the extent of damage.
Open flames demand constant attention.
Keep flammable materials in approved containers
in a overboard vented locker sealed from the interior
of the boat.
1.   MakesureallpersonsaboardarewearingtheirPFDs.
If you need help and your boat has a ship-to-shore
radio,firstcontacttheU.S.    CoastGuard(VHFChan-
nel 16) or other rescue authorities immediately.
Ensure ventilation systems are unobstructed.
Remove mooring covers before starting engine.
Check the bilge for fuel leaks.
Prepare to assist the other vessel unless your pas-
sengers and/or boat are in danger.
.   If the bow of the other boat penetrated your boat’s
hull, prepare to block  the opening once the boats
are separated.
Extinguish smoking materials carefully.
Use special care with flame or high temperatures
around urethane foam.
Sundowner™  Owner’s  Manual
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