2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

D.   BatterySwitchOperation  with “Emergency Start
Only” Position
E.   Battery Charger
A battery charger is available on certain Sundowner™
models and is located in the engine compartment. The
batteries will be  charged by the battery charger when
the boat is connected to dockside power and the charger
circuit breaker is in the “ON” position.
The battery selector switch with “Emergency Start” po-
sition is standard on certain specific Sundowner™ mod-
els.  A description of the various positions for the  bat-
tery switch is as follows:
“OFF” - With the battery selector switches in the “OFF”
position and the “SHIPS SYSTEMS”  circuit breaker in
the “OFF” position, all 12 volt power to the boat is shut
offexcepttotheautomaticbilgepumps,    stereo and wind-
lass (if  applicable).   Always turn  the battery selector
switch to the “OFF” position when the boat is unattend-
ed for an extended period.
in Section H-5B 110 Volt AC Equipment in this manual
and refer to the manufacturer’s literature included with
the owner’s packet.
A.   Helm Equipment
Twelve volt power to the cabin panel is supplied
by the “SHIPS SYSTEMS” circuit breaker on the
battery selector panel. This must be turned on
to operate any 12 volt accessories on the cabin
panel.   The bilge  pumps and  stereo receive
power from the ships system battery and remain
on at all time regardless  of battery selector or
ship systems switch position.
The ignition, DC outlet, anddash panel switches are pro-
tected by a separate fuse panel located either below the
dash at the helm station, or on the starboard side, be-
low the  throttle shift control,  near the floor.   Descrip-
tions of individual switches are described in the follow-
To avoid equipment damage or electrical fires,
use only  replacement fuses that are  of equal
rating to the original fuse. Refer to the electrical
schematic included with this manual for proper
DO NOT turn the battery selector switch to the
“OFF” position while its corresponding engine
is running. Alternator and wiring damage could
“ON” - Turning the switch to position  “ON” will use the
engine battery to power the engine and 12 volt engine
related equipment.  The  ships system battery will not
be used for any engine related equipment, but will power
all other 12V equipment on the boat (when “SHIP SYS-
TEM” circuit breaker is on).  The isolator will allow the
alternator to fully charge the two batteries,  but not al-
low the operator to drain down the engine start battery.
“ON” is the  recommended switch position for  normal
boat operation.  This position allows maximum use of
Horn - To sound the horn, push the HORN button.
Volt DC Receptacle - Permits the use of additional
volt equipment such as a cell phone. Using the ap-
propriate adaptor, the equipment draws power from the
boat’s battery.
Aft Bilge Pump -The BILGE PUMPswitch at the dash is
used to manually activate the bilge pump in the engine
compartment. The bilge pump is used to remove water
from the bilge (bottom  of the hull) area of  the boat by
pumping that water overboard.
equipment on the boat and leaves a full charge in
the engine battery(s) for starting.
“EMERGENCY START ONLY” - With the battery selec-
tor switch in  the “EMERGENCY START  ONLY” posi-
tion,theengine  and ships systems batteryareconnected
in parallel. Both batteries will be used by the engine and
all 12 volt equipment. Both batteries will be charged by
the alternator through the isolator.
On the  Sundowner™  models, the  aft bilge  pump is
equipped with an automatic bilge switch and will operate
whenever bilge water rises above the pump stop level.
This will cause  the internal float  to move upward and
activate the pump.
Sundowner™  Owner’s  Manual
Section H
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