2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

B.   Installation of Additional 12 Volt Equipment
On the fuse panel, non-factory installed 12 volt acces-      Certain Sundowner™ models   are  equipped with  30
sory equipment can be connected to  the “ACC” termi-     amp, 110 volt, 60 Hertz (or 15 amp, 220 volt, 50 Hertz)
nal. Accessory equipment can also be wired directly to     AC electrical wiring.  When the boat is connected to  a
a newly installed “ACC” switch on the dash.
shore power outlet,  the AC system supplies  electrical
power to  the following  items if  so  equipped: battery
charger, refrigerator,  microwave  and outlet(s).    The
dockside system uses three-wire, color-coded circuitry.
The black or hot wire is the ungrounded current carrying
conductor.  The  white or neutral wire  is the grounded
current carrying conductor. The green wire, referred to
as the “equipment ground,” is a grounded conductor, and
under normal conditions is not a current carrying  wire.
The neutral wires are connected together at a buss bar.
The equipment grounds are similarly connected together
at another buss bar. Each hot wire is connected to, and
protected by, a  circuit breaker in  the AC cabin panel.
The AC cabin panel is located  inside the cabin either
on the  aft bulkhead or  on the galley  bulkhead.   See
Figure H3.
Be sure to provide proper fuse protection for all
volt equipment that is installed.  Accessory
current should be limited to 15 amps if the con-
nection is made to the fuse block. If an “ACC”
switch is used, again the current should be lim-
ited to 15 amps. Gauge(s) and/or 12 volt equip-
ment may operate improperly and cause possi-
ble internal damage at higher levels.
C.   Interior Equipment
Four Winns offers a CD stereo as standard equipment
on the all of the Sundowner™ models. The stereo may
include a  remote display at  the helm.   If desired, an
optional stereo  remote may be  installed at the  swim
platform.  Generally, the  stereo is mounted inside the
cabin, on the aft bulkhead wall, near the cabin step or
at the galley (if applicable). The stereo’s microproces-
sor is coated to help protect it from the elements.  The
stereo’s faceplate is water resistant  and the quick re-
lease door has a watertight seal. For stereo operation,
please refer to the  manufacturer’s manual included in
the owner’s information packet.
AC Cabin
On certain model Sundowners, an optional 6-disc CD
changer is available and is   located immediately next
to the stereo.  For instructions on both the stereo and
optional 6-disc CD changer, refer to the manufacturer’s
operation manual included in  the owner’s information
Microwave or
Upper Storage
Additionally,   certain   Sundowner™   models   come
equipped  with a satellite stereo receiver.  Please see
your Four Winns dealer for information and activation.
AC Cabin
CD Changer
Drawer Storage
Figure H3:  AC Cabin Panel Locations
Sundowner™  Owner’s  Manual
Section H
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