2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

NEVER fold or store a wet weather cover. This
canleadtomildeworshrinkage.    Rollratherthan
foldtheenclosurecurtains.   Sharpfoldsincrease
the chance of cracking the clear vinyl.
Weather covers for the cockpit areas are available on all
Sundowner™ models. FourWinns®coversaredesigned
and intended to provide protection of the cockpit seating
Four Winns utilizes acrylic-type material for all  its cov-
ers. AllSundowner™canvasexceptmooringcoverscon-
sist of 100% acrylic material and is color matched to the
boat. The mooring covers are made of 10 ounce acrylic
and come in dark tan (mica) only.
DONOTusetheweathercoversfor    outdoorwin-
ter storage.  The weight of the  snow or heavy
rain can cause severe damage to the material or
top structure.  Refer  to O-3 Winter Storage in
this manual for more information.
When snapping covers to the boat, apply direct down-
ward pressure on the snap.  When unsnapping, rotate
the snap and cover upward at each snap location.
Never use any form of open flame cooking de-
vice while under, in any area fully enclosed, or
near any acrylic weather cover. This material is
DO NOT rip off or pull the weather cover as a
whole; acrylic material may tear at snaps.
During the manufacture of the weather covers, the small-
est possible needle  and highest quality UV stabilized,
bonded polyester thread is used in the stitching.
Bimini Top
The weather cover is water repellant but not water proof.
During a hard rain, you may notice a light mist permeat-
ingthroughaweathercover.   Thisisnormal.   Iftheseams
leak, they can be sprayed with Scotchguard™ or similar
water repellent or a seam sealing compound can be ap-
plied.   Keep objects from contacting  the inside of  the
cover. Leakage may occur at point of contact.
A bimini top is available on most Sundowner™ models.
This style is a “freestanding” top and is supported only
by the bow assembly. Refer to Figure O1.
To install:
Unboot and attach the bimini main bows to the deck
Weather covers must be  installed taut or will be dam-
aged by accumulation of rain water.
Extend the forward portion of the bimini and attach
the forward nylon straps to the strap eyes.
Periodically check weather covers for accumu-
lation of water. Damage to the bow assemblies
may otherwise result.  Make sure cover is taut
to avoid puddling of water.
Main Bow
Bimini Top
Brace Rod
(Certain Models Only)
(if supplied) and secured.
Stern Brace
Strap Eye
Deck Mounts
Figure O1: Bimini Top
Sundowner™ Owner’s Manual
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