2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

Station a person forward on the boat as a lookout.
D.   Warning Markers
Reduce your speed.  From time to time, stop en-
gine and listen for fog signals.
It is a good idea to find out about hazardous areas and
how they are marked by asking your local authorities.
Sound the proper horn or fog bell at proper intervals
to warn other boaters.
Boaters must also recognize the flag designs which
indicate that scuba divers are present and keep well
clear of the area.
If there is any doubt in continuing boat movement,
anchor.  Listen for other fog signals while continu-
ing to sound the proper fog horn or bell for a boat at
Watch for swimmers. Swimming areas may not be
marked.  Steer clear from the area and always re-
main alert.
C.   Running Aground
Distress flags indicate a fellow boater is in need of
Navigation markers serve as a means of identifying
navigable routes and indicate water hazards. Boat-
ers should become familiar with navigation markers
and stay  within marked boundaries  and clear of
To prevent boat damage,  DO NOT use deck
hardware or water ski pylon for towing.  Use a
commercial towing service.
Operating in shallow  water can present a number  of
hazards. Sand bars in narrow inlets are constantly shift-
ing, making it difficult to mark them with buoys. Some-
times sand bars are indicated by waves as they form
into breakers when passing over sand bars. In coastal
areas, tides can change water levels by as much as 30
feet. Check with local marinas or Coast Guard stations
for tide tables and current charts.
Be prepared to deal with emergencies before they hap-
pen. Try to formulate a plan for each type of emergency
in advance so that decisions can be made quickly and
without hesitation.  Precious moments lost can mean
the difference between losing and saving a life.
If your boat runs aground, first check persons aboard
for injury.  Then check for damage to the  boat.  If the
drive unit strikes an underwater hazard, check for boat
and drive unit damage.  If the engine vibrates exces-
sively after striking an underwater obstruction, it may
indicate a damaged propeller. If vibration is noticeable,
return to port slowly to prevent further drive and engine
damage from an out-of-balance condition. Watch the
temperature gauge to make sure you do not overheat
the engine.
A.   Flooding
If your boat  starts taking on water,  activate the bilge
pump immediately. Make sure all passengers are wear-
ing their PFDs. Open the engine compartment, look for
the cause of the flooding. Check all hoses, through hull
fittings, seacocks and strainers. If flooding occurs as a
result of collision or grounding damage, call for assis-
tance and head for shore if possible.
If the boat is not taking on any water, it may be possible
to rock the boat by shifting the  weight of the passen-
gers and gear and by raising the drive unit while revers-
ing the engine.
B.   Capsizing and Man Overboard
By far, the largest number of boating fatalities involve
capsizing and falling  overboard accidents.  By being
prepared ahead of time with an appropriate plan of ac-
tion, you can greatly lower your chances and your pas-
sengers’ chances of becoming seriously injured.
If you ground your boat on a sand bar, shut down the
engine and seek help from another boater or radio for
help.  See your  dealer as soon as possible,  as sand
ingested in the engine cooling system can cause major
engine damage.
Sundowner™  Owner’s  Manual
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