2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

H.   Transom Walk-Thru Cushions
All   Sundowners™ models have  a walk-thru  transom
design. Awalk-thru cushion along with the backrest cre-
ate additional seating.  To install, either insert the male
cleats into the  recessed slots or fasten  the snaps de-
pending on the model you have. Ensure the cushion is
properly secured to  prevent it from blowing  out of the
boat at high speeds.
Center Cockpit Cushion - (Certain Specified Models Only)
The center  cockpit cushion is  installed on the  engine
hatch and  provides comfortable seating  for your pas-
sengers. By simply lifting up and out on the center cockpit
cushion, minimum access can be gained to the engine
compartment for quick inspections.  See Figure N10.
Figure N12:  36-Quart Cooler Storage
G.   Backrest Walk-Thru Door
J.   C-Wrap Aft Lounger Seating
A transom walk-thru backrest door is removable to al-
low easy access from the swim platform to the cockpit.
To secure the backrest walk-thru door to the transom,
simply slide it between the two sets of cleats.  To pre-
vent a possible man overboard situation, make sure the
transom walk-thru backrest door is in place before each
cruise.  See Figure N10.
Standard on certain models is an aft C-wrap style seat-
ing configuration. See Figure N13.  Storage and cooler
access can be gained by lifting up the various cushions.
Use of both hands when lifting up on a cushion will make
for an easier operation.  Also, quick inspection access
to the engine compartment can be gained by  lifting up
and out on the center cockpit cushion.
Prevent falls overboard. Secure transom walk-
thru backrest and stay inside cockpit while un-
To prevent personal injury, swim platform must
not  be  occupied   and   transom   walk-thru
backrest  door must be in place while engines
are running.
To prevent personal injury, DO NOT sit on the
transom walk-thru backrest door.
Figure N13:  Aft C-Wrap Lounger Seating
When towing at highway speeds, be sure the
fill-in cushions and backrests are properly se-
cured (locked in position).    Air currents (cre-
ated within the  interior when traveling) will lift
the cushions/backrests up and out of the boat
under certain conditions; especially when semi-
trucks or other large vehicles pass by.
K.   Port Lounger - Settee
Acozy settee lounger is provided on portside, in front of
the cockpit refreshment center, of certain Sundowner™
models.  See Figure N14. The settee not only provides
a comfortable and elegant seating arrangement but of-
fers additional storage space underneath.  To gain ac-
cess to the storage below, lift up on the settee cushion
and pull out.
Sundowner™ Owner’s Manual
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