2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

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To prevent back injury, DO NOT PHYSICALLY
LIFT the trailer tongue when loaded.
A.   Hitching Trailer
Before towing, the trailer must be properly hitched to the
tow vehicle.
The locking pin, provided with the trailer, or a pad-
lockmust beinsertedinthelockinglever    hole. This
ensures the coupler’s locking lever remains in the
locked position during towing of the trailer. Use of a
padlock will help to deter theft.
To ensure proper engagement of the actuator’s
coupler to the  tow ball, DO NOT use  a multi-
piece ball, an incorrectly sized ball, or a worn/
damaged ball. Please refer to the trailer’s certi-
fication plate, coupler or actuator on the trailer
for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) or visit
our website at www.fourwinns.com. Trailers with
a GVWR of 7000 pounds or below require a 2”
tow ball  and trailers above a  GVWR of 7000
pounds require a 2 5/16” tow ball.
Connect break-away cable S-hook securely to one
of the tow vehicle hitch’s safety chain connection
points. Thecableshouldhangclearoftrailertongue
outpullingbreak-awaycableforward.    DO NOT loop
the break-away cable around a bracket and loop it
back onto itself.
Make sure the break-away lever is fully rotated to
the rear with the break-away catch pin securely lo-
catedunderthebreak-awayspring.   Thebreak-away
catch pin will  be in the  lever’s uppermost notch.
See Figure S12.
Position actuator ball socket above ball hitch.
Lift up on release handle fully (approximately 30
a trailer with brake actuator and coupler assembly)
to allow the ball latch to rotate open. The handle will
remain up to indicate  that it is not yet attached to
the ball.  See Figure S6.
Lower trailer tongue until ball is seated or rests in ball
Close release handle. If it is a trailer with brake ac-
tuator and coupler assembly the handle will snap to
its closed position when properly seated.
Figure  S12:   Break-away  Cable
The release handle will close freely with finger pressure
when ball is  properly seated in  socket.  If the  handle
does not close freely or does not snap to its closed
position properly, do not tow trailer.  DO NOT force
handle into closed position, otherwise damage could re-
sult. Inspect actuator for bent parts or cause of improper
The Break-away system is not designed to op-
erate if the trailer does not separate completely
fromthetowvehicle,orifthetrailertongue      “sub-
marines”andgoesbeneaththetowvehicle.     DO
NOT use break-away cable as a parking brake.
Safetychainsor  cables (depending on which model
you have) are provided and must be used.  Cross
the safety chains/cables under the coupling and at-
tach to the towing vehicle’s frame or bumper. See
Figure S13.   Always allow  slack for turns.   Four
Winns provides  securement  clips for  the safety
chain/cable hooks and recommends you use them.
Regulations vary from state to state. Please check
the local laws in your state.
Keep the coupler clean and lubricated to prevent
damage to the coupler.
Make sure the actuator is secure. If unsure, extend
the trailer tongue jack to the ground and lift (with the
jack) the car and trailer combination approximately
to 4". If the ball does not disengage and remains
secured, the actuator is latched properly.
Sundowner™ Owner’s Manual
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