2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

geroussituationwhichexceedsyourcapabilitiesorthose         placard must contain the warning that a person who vio-
of your boat.The 1971 Boating SafetyAct grants protec-    lates these requirements is liable to civil ($25,000) and
tion to a Good Samaritan boater offering good faith as-    criminal (Imprisonment) penalties.The placard also must
sistance, and absolves  a boater from any  civil liability     note that State and local regulations may further restrict
arising from assistance given.
the disposal of garbage.
Operators shall display one or more placards in a promi-
nent location and in sufficient numbers so they can be
observed and read by crew and passengers. These lo-
The Federal  Water Pollution Control Act  prohibits the     cations might include embarkation points, food service
discharge of oil waste into or upon the navigable waters   areas, galleys, garbage handling spaces and common
of the United States or the waters of the contiguous zone deck  spaces frequented by crew and passengers. We
if such discharge causes a film or sheen upon or a dis-    recommend that these placards may be purchased from
coloration of the surface of the water or causes a sludge  local marinas, boat dealerships and marine equipment
or emulsion beneath the surface of the water. Violators    suppliers.Aspecial  placard is available for boats operat-
are subject to a penalty of $5,000.
ing on the Great Lakes.
IMPORTANT: It is illegal to discharge waste from your
A - 16 DISPOSALOFPLASTICS&OTHERGARBAGE       marine sanitary device (toilet) into the water in most ar-
eas. It is your responsibility to be aware of and adhere to
Plastic refuse dumped in the water can kill fish and ma-   all local laws concerning waste discharge. Consult with
rine wildlife and can foul boat propellers and cooling wa-  the Coast Guard, local marina  or your dealer for addi-
ter intakes. Other forms of waterborne garbage can lit-     tional information.
and most state regulations prohibit the dumping of plas-   NOTE: Some states and localities have legal limits on
tic refuse or  other garbage mixed with plastic  into the     speed, noise and trailer specifications. It is your respon-
water anywhere, and restrict the dumping of other forms  sibility to be aware of these laws and limits and to insure
of garbage within specified distances from shore.
that your boat (and trailer) comply. Consult with your lo-
cal Marine Patrol or local Coast Guard office.
Boats 26 feet or longer must display a sign stating the
disposal regulations of the Federal Water Pollution Con-
trolAct. The U.S. Coast Guard has issued these regula-
tions to implementAnnex V of the International Conven-
monly known as Annex V of the MARPOL (Marine Pol-
lution) Treaty 73/78. They apply to all U.S. boats wher-
ever they operate  (except waters under the  exclusive
jurisdiction of a State) and foreign boats operating in U.S.
miles). It is important to know these regulations and
adhere to them.
The regulations require U.S. recreational boaters, if your
boat is 26 feet  or more in length, to  affix one or more
The placard warns against the discharge of plastic and
other forms of garbage  within the navigable waters of
the United States and specify discharge restrictions be-
yond the territorial sea. (The territorial sea generally ends
three nautical miles from the seashore.) In addition, the
Sundowner™ Owner’s Manual
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