2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

D.  Propeller
F.  Operation By Minors
Minors should always be supervised by an adult when-
ever operating  a boat.   Many states have  laws re-
garding the minimum age and licensing requirements
of minors. Be sure to check local laws or contact the
state boating authorities for information.
Personal Injury!
Do not allow anyone near a propeller, even when
the engine is off. Propeller blades can be sharp
and continue to turn even after the engine is shut
off. Do not allow anyone near the propeller when
the throttle is in neutral position. Accidently en-
gaging the shift can result in a serious  injury or
death. (See  actual ladder warning  labels   and
helm boarding ladder warning label below.)
G.  “Rules of the Road”
As a responsible  boater, you must comply  with the
“Rules of the Road,” the marine traffic laws enforced
by the U.S. Coast Guard. Navigating a boat is much
the same as driving an automobile. Operating either
one responsibly means complying with a set of rules
intended to prevent accidents.  Just as you assume
other car drivers know what they are doing, other boat-
ers assume you know what you are doing. Informa-
tion regarding  navigational rules and  the “Rules of
the Road” are discussed in further detail in C-1 & C-
Never approach or use ladder when motor is run-
ning. Severe injury or death will result from con-
tact with rotating propeller.
Ladder Warning Label
of the next section.
H.  Voluntary Inspections
Shut off  motor when  near swimmers.   Severe
injury or death will result from contact with rotat-
ing propeller.
State boating officials in many states or the U.S. Coast
GuardAuxiliaries offer courtesy inspections to check
out your craft.   They will check for compliance  with
safety standards and required safety equipment. You
may voluntarily consent to one of these inspections,
and you are allowed to make corrections without pros-
ecution.  Check with the appropriate state agency or
the Coast Guard Auxiliary for details.
Helm Boarding Ladder Warning Label
When pulling  skiers do not  turn on the  engine
until you are at least a boat length away from the
person  in  the  water.    When  approaching   a
downed skier,  turn off  the engine at  least one
boat length away before reaching the skier in the
I.  Safe Boating Courses
The local  U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary  and the U.S.
Power Squadrons offer comprehensive safe boating
classes several times a  year.  You may contact the
Boat/U.S. Foundation at 1-800-336-BOAT (2628) or,
in  Virginia,  1-800-245-BOAT  (2628)  for a  course
E.  First Aid
As a boater, you should be familiar with the basic first aid  scheduled in your area. Also contact the U.S. Coast
procedures that  may be  needed while you  are out  far     GuardAuxiliary or Power Squadron Flotilla for the time
from help.  Fish hook accidents or minor cuts and abra-     and place of their next scheduled class.
sions may be the most serious mishaps on board a boat
but you should also learn the proper procedures and be
ready to deal with the truly serious problems like mouth-
to-mouth resuscitation, excessive bleeding, hypothermia,
and burns.  First aid literature and courses are available
through most Red Cross chapters.
Sundowner™ Owner’s Manual
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