2003-2008 Four Winns Sundowner 205 225 245 285 Boat Owners Manual

H.   Wheels
Four Winns uses the Accu-Lube™ bearing protection
system on its trailers. The Accu-Lube™ design is sub-
Some maintenance is required to maintain the finish and  mersible and provides for grease flow that completely
retard rusting of  painted rims.  The  wheels should be     repacks and protects the bearings. This lubrication sys-
cleanedwithdishwashingsoapandwaterandrinsedwith          tem disallows water entry, thus extending the life of the
cleanwaterimmediatelyaftereachuse.    Waxingisrecom-      bearings, spindle and hub.
mended three to four times each year.
Lubricate the bearings as follows:
Aluminum wheel rims may be cleaned with dishwashing
soap and water. However, cleaning products specifically    1. Remove the rubber plug.
for aluminum are available and can be used. Cleaners
may be obtained from Four Winns dealers and your local  2. Insert the grease gun into the grease fitting. Pump
auto parts stores. The Mag wheel manufacturer recom-
mends a product by Priority One® called Pro-LongAlu-
grease until old grease comes back out the front.
minum/Chrome Wheel Protectant™.  Galvanized rims      3. Remove old grease and reinstall rubber plug.
should be rinsed only with clean water immediately after
each use.
Most bearing failures are due to improper main-
tenance. Be sure to inspect bearings and seals
as  noted  in Section  S-6B  and  refer  to  the
ALWAYS read the manufacturer’s instructions
on the label before using any product.
Keep the actuator clean of dirt, tar, and mud. The actua-
tor and internal parts  should be lubricated at all  times     As a general rule, repairs and maintenance  should be
with SAE 30 weight oil. The hitch ball may be lubricated   performed by qualified  servicing personnel.   Our axle
with automotive grease or lubricant made for hitch balls.   manufacturer recommends  that a  certified mechanic
should be consulted on the following items:
Periodically inspect the brake system for leaks. Check
all hoses for cuts or wear. Replace all defective hoses.     1.   Broken axle
The master cylinder should be filled within 1/2 inch from   2.   Brokenspring
the top of the reservoir.
3.   Worn spring eye bushing parts
4.   Sagging springs
At the beginning of each year, inspect the brakes for ex-  5.    Weldingfatigue
cessive wear, have linings replaced if necessary.
6.   Serious leakage of seal
Loose or worn suspension parts
for assistance. If unavailable, a brake or auto repair facil-  9.    All brake related adjustments, inspections and prob-
ity can perform the repair.
Refer to  the manufacturer’s  literature included in  the     A.   Removal of Hub
owner’s packet for additional information on the brake
The following instructions pertain only to trailers manu-
factured by Four Winns.  To remove the hub to inspect
the bearings and seals, refer to Figure S15 and the fol-
lowing instructions:
Wheel bearings and  seals should be inspected at  the
same time as brakes. Have worn or defective parts re-
placed.  Grease bearings and seals at this time and at
theendof  theboatingseason.  Bearing Protectors should
be greased three to four times a year. Agrease fitting is
Sundowner™ Owner’s Manual
Section S
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