2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

M - 8   HARD TOP
An available option on certain F series models is a
hard top. The hard top requires the stainless steel
arch to be installed. The hard top provides shade
much like a bimini top therefore the bimini top is not
available with this option. The plexiglass hatch allows
access to the ski tow. See Figure M-9.
Figure M-8: Stainless Steel Arch
Do not use ski tow fitting, wakeboard tower or
arch for lifting or parasailing. Fittings could pull
out of deck resulting in serious injury or death.
Figure M-9: Hard Top Option
Misuse of tower/arch can over stress tower/
arch or dangerously imbalance boat. Failure to
follow these guidelines can result in injury or
death. This tow tower/arch is to be used for
towing wakeboard and ski devices only. Do not
tow more than two persons at a time from this
tower/arch. Do not use tower/arch for lifting,
parasailing or towing other watercraft. Do not
allow passengers to sit behind rope attachment
point when tower/arch is in use. Do not allow
loose tow rope ends to dangle. Do not climb
on, hang on, sit on, jump or dive off this tower/
arch. Check all tower/arch fasteners for tight-
ness before using tower/arch.
Do not stand/sit or in anyway occupy the
hard top at anytime. Fittings could release or
person(s) could fall resulting in serious injury or
death. Damage to the hardtop could also result.
The optional rail system provides a variety of things
you can do to make your swim platform even more
convenient as well as enjoyable. With the rail system
installed you can add rod holders, table with drink
holders, tube holder or grill. These items attach to the
rail quite quickly and remove easily for storage. Be
sure to properly stow the item if required when boat
is underway (i.e. grill). The rail may also be removed
from the mounts and stored. See Figures M-10 -
M-13. Please see your Four Winns dealer for further
Wakeboard towers and stainless steel arches require
the following annual maintenance: All welds need to
be visually inspected for cracks; all welds should be
touched up with a metallic paint; all removable bolts
should have anit-seize applied to the threads in order
to maintain ease of folding the tower or arch for
storage; and, to add luster to the tower, wipe with a
soft cloth and a small amount of baby oil.
Exterior Equipment - Section M
Owner’s Manual Page 91
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