2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

C.   Prior to Winter Storage
Remove as many cushions as possible. Remove
storage lids or hatches. Open as many locker
doors, as possible. Open the refrigerator door.
Leave these areas open to improve ventilation.
Spray the weather covers and the boat upholstery
with Lysol Spray Disinfectant™. Enclosed areas
such as the refrigerator, shower basin, storage
locker areas, etc. should also be sprayed with
Lysol Disinfectant™.
Place small dishes of rodent poison such as
D-Con™ in a number of areas around the boat.
Be sure dishes are placed near the head and the
engines, as rodents will destroy upholstery, water
intake and discharge hoses.
If the boat will be in outside storage, properly sup-
port a storage cover and secure it over the boat.
DO NOT secure the cover tightly to the boat. This
does not allow adequate ventilation
and can lead to dry rot. DO NOT store the boat
in a damp storage enclosure. Excessive damp-
ness can cause electrical problems, corrosion,
and dry rot.
Placing an electric or fuel burning heating unit
in the bilge of the boat during cold weather
could cause fire or explosion and is not recom-
DO NOT use the bimini top or camper top as a
winter storage cover. The life of these covers may
be signifi cantly shortened if ex posed to harsh
weather elements for long periods.
Boats stored outside in areas with heavy snow
accumulation are more susceptible to damage,
and should be inspected regularly during the
winter months.
General Maintenance - Section R
Owner’s Manual Page 113
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