2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

Check lug nuts for proper tightness.
overheating.  Extended overheating could result in
complete loss of the trailer brakes.
Check tie-downs and make sure boat is secured to
the trailer.
To help prevent overheating, slow down while ap-
proaching the crest  of a hill  and maintain a  slow,
controlled downhill  speed.  Apply  brakes in  short
intervals  to allow  time  between  braking  for the
brakes to cool off.
Check the  springs and  under carriage  for loose
Before towing, close and secure all hatches, doors,
and windows.   Securely  store all  equipment and
canvas. Installed tops, side curtains, and aft curtains
can be damaged while towing.
In mountain regions, extra care is required due
to extreme braking conditions. If not equipped
with a “rugged duty towing package” use turn-
outs often  to allow  brakes to  cool otherwise
loss of trailer brakes could result. Consult with
your Four  Winns dealer regarding a  “rugged
duty towing package” for your towing require-
Carry a  spare tire  for both  the trailer and  towing
vehicle. On extended trips, carry spare wheel bear-
ings, seals, and races. Be sure and carry the proper
tools to complete the repairs.
keep wheel bearings properly lubricated. Insp-
ect the wheel bearings periodically and  check
for damage.
When rounding turns  on highways or streets,  DO
NOT cut corners.  Also, travel slowly over  railroad
If the trailer begins to “fishtail” when acceler at ing,
reduce speed until it ceases.  If the trailer “fishtails”
again during  acceleration, stop  to investigate the
cause of the  problem.  Check  for improper trailer
load and uneven weight distribution inside the boat.
Check the winch line and tie-downs. Also check the
tires for proper inflation or damage.  If neces sary,
redistribute the load before continuing.
0. Before trailering, inspect the bearings for wear and
adequate lubrication.   When  traveling, check  the
wheel hubs during stops at gas stations, restaurants
or other places. If the hub feels abnormally hot, the
bearing should be inspected before continuing the
B.   Tactics
For additional information on trailering, refer to the “Boat-
ing Basics” manual included in the owner’s packet.
Be sure to check the towing vehicle manufactu-
rer’s literature for recommendations on towing.
S - 5
Install outside rear view mirrors on both sides of the
towing vehicle to  improve vision.   Check the rear
view mirrors at frequent intervals to be sure  trailer
and boat are riding smoothly.
A.   Care of Exterior Finish
When using the trailer, keep in mind the paint can scratch
and become marred during normal use. In most cases,
touch-up paint can be ordered. Please contact a Four
Winns dealer for assistance.
2.   Allow  at least one car and  trailer length between
vehicles for each 10 mph.  DO NOT tailgate.
Use  low gear  (on  manual transmissions)  when
traveling up steep hills or over sand, gravel, or dirt
Some maintenance is required to maintain the finish
and minimize  rusting.   The trailer  should be washed
and rinsed with clean water immediately after each use.
Depending upon use, waxing is recommended twice a
year.  Use paste wax designed for enamel paint.
Use care if shifting  to a lower gear while traveling
downhill.   This  could activate  the trailer’s  surge
brakes for the duration of the downhill run and cause
Trailer Information - Section S
Owner’s Manual Page 127
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