2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

On galvanized trailers with GatorHyde™, rinse all ex-
posed metal parts thoroughly with only clean water after
use. The Gatorhyde™ protective coating may cleaned
with mild dishwashing  soap in a bucket of  water and
nylon boat brush.  Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
For  more information  on  maintenance,  refer  to the
manufacturer’s   literature   included  in  the  owner’s
The trailer should be set up at a slight angle to
allow for water to drain aft in the boat.
To rejuvenate as  well as UV  protect worn and  faded
GatorHyde™  you  may  purchase   a product  called
GatorGloss™.    To  place  an order  you  can  phone
Elastomer  Specialties, Inc.  at 918-485-2835  or  Fax
E.   Winch
The winch should be kept clean of dirt, ice, paint, etc.,
and the spur gears should have a film of grease on them
at all times. Apply several drops of SAE 30 weight oil to
the ratchet pawl mechanism, bushings and pinion shaft
threads twice per season.
B.   Bunks
The  bunks should  be replaced  if  they are  cracked,
warped, or evidence of  dry-rot is found.  The replace-
ment boards  should be  treated  lumber of  the same
length and width.
Replace any worn or damaged  parts.  For more infor-
mation on  maintenance,  refer to  the manufacturer’s
literature included in the owner’s packet.
F.   Lights
DO NOT burn damaged or broken bunks. Toxic
fumes will be released. Dispose of bunks prop-
Inspect wiring for cuts or bare  wire which could cause
electrical shorts. Repair or replace defective wiring. Re-
place cracked or damaged lens and always carry spare
bulbs.  Replacement  parts may be ordered  through a
Four Winns dealer.
C.   Swivel Jack
Keep the swivel  jack clean of dirt, tar,  and mud.  Lu-
bricate every six months.  The swivel jack’s inner ram
should be lubricated with SAE 30 weight  oil.  The top
cover may be removed to lubricate the gears with wheel
bearing grease.
G.   Tie-downs
Replace frayed  or damaged  tie-downs.   Periodically,
lubricate the ratchet mechanism with a fine oil or silicone
spray.  Replacement  parts may be ordered through  a
Four Winns dealer.
Replace all worn and damaged parts. ALWAYS use the
manufacturer’s replacement parts. Replacement parts
may be ordered through your Four Winns dealer.
H.   Wheels
For  more information  on  maintenance,  refer  to the
manufacturer’s   literature   included   in  the  owner’s
Some maintenance is required to maintain the finish
and retard rusting of painted rims.  The wheels should
be cleaned with dishwashing soap and water and rinsed
with clean water immediately after each use. Waxing is
recommended three to four times each year.
D.   Brake Actuator & Coupling Assembly
When storing  or parking  your trailer,  keep the  brake
actuator and coupling assembly (coupler) off the ground
to prevent dirt buildup in the ball socket. Keep the cou-
pler clean of dirt,  tar, and mud.  Lubricate the  coupler
with SAE 30 weight oil every six months or as often as
necessary.  Replace any worn or defective parts.  If the
coupler is damaged, contact your Four Winns dealer for
replacement parts.   DO NOT use a  damaged or bent
coupler assembly.
Aluminum wheel rims may be cleaned with dishwashing
soap and water.  However, clean ing products specifically
for aluminum are available and can be used. Cleaners
may be  obtained from  Four Winns  dealers and  your
local auto parts stores.   The Mag wheel manufacturer
recommendsaproductbyPriorityOne®   called Pro-Long
Aluminum/Chrome Wheel  Protectant™.   Galvanized
rims should be rinsed only with clean water immediately
after each use.
Trailer Information - Section S
Owner’s Manual Page 128
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