2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

Schedule your 20-hour boat and engine checkup
with your dealer.
•    Environmental regulations
•    Accident reporting
Know how to safely operate your boat and the rules
of the road before you use your boat.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that your dealer checks
the engine alignment during your boat’s 20-hour
checkup. The engine alignment check should
be performed in accordance with recommended
procedures as stated by the engine manufacturer in
your engine owner’s manual. Failure to do so could
result in drive train damage which is not covered
under the warranty.
All Four Winns  boats meet or exceed the construc-
tion standards set by the US Coast Guard and
the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) con-
Navigational lights
Factory-installed fuel systems
Engine and fuel tank compartment ventilation
Steering systems
Backfire flame arresters
We recommend that you review your engine own-
ers manual and warranty certificate for break-in
advice, initial inspection and service requirements.
We recommend that you see your dealer if you wish
to modify factory-installed equipment or add new
equipment. Your dealer is qualified to make such
modifications or additions without placing the safety
or design integrity of your boat at risk and without
invalidating the warranty.
Perform or provide for the scheduled maintenance
checks outlined in this manual and all related ser-
vice guides and manuals.
You are responsible for any modifications made to
the boat or its equipment that could affect the safe
operation of the boat.
Along with boating, comes responsibility. Responsibility
for safety, boating laws, and the environment. Please
think about the future of our waterways, oceans and
marine life while you’re out enjoying them and take all
necessary measures to help protect what natural habi-
tats we have left. Keeping our waterways and marine
habitats free from debris, and showing consideration
for the creatures who thrive in these environments are
some ways you can help assure the pleasure of boat-
ing for years to come.
Show your colors! Four Winns offers a complete line
of sports clothing designed to complement your new
boat. The WinnGear™ line is on display on our web-
site at www.fourwinns.com.
The operator is also responsible for complying with the
following procedures and operational requirements:
State registration
Warranty registration
Warranty terms and conditions
Rules of the road
Break-in procedure
Proper maintenance of the boat and its systems
Safety equipment
Safety training of passengers and crews
Knowledge of boat systems
Seaworthiness/operational inspection
Safe operating practices
Avoiding use of drugs/alcohol
Warranty and Service - Section D
Owner’s Manual Page 46
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