2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

Emergency Stop Switch
3.   Once a month, inspect both the clip and lanyard
for cuts, breaks or wear. Replace worn or dam-
aged parts.
This safety device automatically stops the engine if
the lanyard is attached to the operator and the
operator falls from his work station. Refer to the
engine manual for detailed information about using
this switch.
In an emergency situation, any occupant of the boat
can restart the engine. Just press in and hold the
emergency stop switch button, then follow normal
starting procedures. When the button is released,
the engine will stop.
The emergency stop switch (Figure E-7) incorporates
a shutoff switch, switch clip, lanyard, and lanyard clip.
The lanyard clip must be securely attached to the op-
erator’s PFD, clothing, arm, or leg. Be sure to attach
the lanyard to a place where it is free of obstructions
and to something that will move with the operator if
he or she leaves the helm station. If the engine shuts
down because this switch was activated, the clip may
have to be reinstalled on the interrupter switch before
the engine can be started.
Avoid knocking or pulling the clip or lanyard
from the switch during regular boating opera-
tion. Occupants may be thrown forward or
possible engine damage may occur by the
sudden loss of engine power.
K.   Alarm Systems
Engine alarm systems are available on certain engine
options. The alarm is audible  and is actuated by
various engine sensors. The sensors monitor such
things low oil pressure, high water temperature levels
and high exhaust manifold temperatures. Consult your
engine owner’s manual for information regarding the
specific systems monitored by the alarm if so
Keep emergency stop switch lanyard free from
obstructions that could interfere with its opera-
tion. Do not modify or remove emergency stop
switch or bypass its safety features. The proper
use of the emergency stop switch will prevent a
runaway boat situation which can cause severe
personal injury or death.
L.   Compass
A compass is available on certain Four Winns  mod-
els. The compass can provide directional information
when operating offshore, in unfamiliar waters, or in
adverse weather conditions.
The compass must be properly calibrated after all
personal equipment is installed including all electron-
ics (radio, depth sounder, etc.). DO NOT rely on the
compass readings until initial adjustment (compensa-
tion) has been performed. If the boat has a factory-
installed compass, the manufacturer’s instructions are
provided in the owner’s packet. Most areas have local
companies that specialize in compass adjustment.
If unsure of the proper compensation techniques,
consider having the adjustment done professionally
to ensure accuracy and confi dence in the compass.
Figure E-7:  Emergency Stop Switch
The emergency stop switch can only be effective
when in good working condition. Observe the
Lanyard must always be free of entanglements
that could hinder its operation.
During use, keep all extraneous metal objects
away from the compass. The close proximity of
metal objects (e.g., beverage cans) can cause
compass deviation.
Once a month, check the switch for proper opera-
tion. With engine running, pull lanyard. If the en-
gine does not stop, see your Four Winns Dealer.
Engines and Instrumentation - Section E
Owner’s Manual Page 59
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