2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

ALWAYS read the manufacturer’s instructions
on the label before using any product.
Keep the actuator clean of dirt, tar, and mud. The actua-
tor and internal parts  should be lubricated at all  times
with SAE 30 weight oil. The hitch ball may be lubricated
with automotive grease or lubricant made for hitch balls.
Periodically inspect the brake system for leaks. Check
all hoses for cuts or wear. Replace all defective hoses.
The master cylinder should be filled within 1/2 inch from
the top of the reservoir.
Figure S17: Turbo Lube Hub - Front Fill Model
At the beginning  of each year, inspect the  brakes for
excessive wear, have linings replaced if necessary.
Turbo Lube Hub Bearing Lubrication System Mainte-
nance for Front Fill models:
If the brakes need bleeding, consult your Four  Winns
dealer for assistance.  If  unavailable, a brake or auto
repair facility can perform the repair.
1. Remove oil filling plug from Turbo Lube cap. Add
oil into the Turbo Lube hub.  See Figure S18.
Refer to the  manufacturer’s literature included  in the
owner’s packet for additional information on the brake
Wheel bearings and  seals should be inspected at  the
same time  as brakes.   Have  worn or defective  parts
Four Winns  uses the Turbo Lube  oil bath lubrication
system on  F series  model trailers.   The Turbo Lube
design  rotates individual  roller  bearings  through oil
multiple times per wheel revolution. This system keeps
your hub  and bearings cooler,  reduces wear and  in-
creases tow vehicle mileage. The Turbo Lube system
is submersible. With the Turbo Lube system the need
to disassemble hubs  and repack the  wheel bearings
is eliminated. See Figure S17.
Figure S18: Turbo Lube Oil Fill Diagram
2. Add oil until oil level is just below the filler hole.
Some time should be given to allow oil to pass
through the bearings and level off.
3. Replace oil filling plug.
Check oil level. Add oil if necessary (repeating
step 1,2 & 3).
Check oil level in the Turbo Lube Hub before each
trip. Add oil if required to the bottom of the filler
hole on cap.
Trailer Information - Section S
Owner’s Manual Page 129
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