2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

A clicking sound will be heard when the winch is
properlyengaged.  Ifaclickingsoundisnotheard,
DO NOT release the handle.   Handle may spin
backwards.  Lower the load into a safe position
before releasing the handle.
Refer to  the manufacturer’s  literature, included  in  the
owner’s packet,  for more information  on winch opera-
Figure S6:  5-Wire Plug Harness
For maintenance and other information, refer to the
manufacturer’s literature included with in the owner’s
Tires & Wheels
Trailer wheel rims are available in three types of finishes:
white, aluminum and galvanized. The white, powder coat
finish is standard.  Aluminum rims (Mags) are optional on
painted trailers.   Galvanized  trailers are equipped  with
matching galvanized rims. Spare tire covers are available
as an option and will match the trailer.
E.   Winch
Winch operating instructions are listed below.
To release the winch, place the ratchet in the REVERSE
orNEUTRALposition.  Thewinchhandlemayspinwhen
pulling on the winch line.
The tires installed on Four Winns® trailers meet the trailer
load requirements  for  each model.   Before  trailering,
make sure the tires are inflated accord ing to the man -
ufacturer’s recommendation.  Tire pressure information
is noted on the tire and  in the manufacturer’s literature
included in the owner’s packet.
To prevent personal injury, observe the follow-
A spinning winch handle can cause injury. Be
sure the area is clear.
Mag wheels include a locking-type nut to help deter theft.
This nut requires a special key or socket to remove. The
socket will be included with your trailer when mag wheels
are ordered.  Refer to Figure S7.
DO NOT release the handle when the ratchet
is disengaged. Be sure the ratchet is engaged
or no load is on the winch before releasing the
To prevent personal  injury, ALWAYS inspect
the  winch  line and  hook  before  each  use.
NEVER use line that is worn or frayed.  NEV-
ER let anyone stand in or behind a boat while
pulling with the winch.
To rewind the winch, ALWAYS engage the ratchet first.
Turn the handle in  the appropriate direction to rewind
the line.
Figure S7:  Mag Wheel & Mag Wheel Key (Socket)
Trailer Information - Section S
Owner’s Manual Page 121
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