2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

A.   Battery Maintenance
Disconnect the battery before working
on electrical or ignition system to prevent
electrical shock and accidental ignition.
Be sure to keep the batteries charged. Also, keep the
batteries clean, especially the terminals and con-
nection lugs. The battery cables must be fastened
B.   Electrical Wiring Maintenance
while in use.
Periodically, inspect all wiring for nicks, chafing,
brittleness, improper support, etc. Spraying the electri-
cal connections with an electrical connection cleaner
will reduce corrosion and improve electrical continuity.
Check the battery fluid level often, especially when a
charger/converter is being used. Recharge a battery
indicating a low voltage. Determine the reason for the
discharge. Alternating battery usage with dual batter-
ies (if applicable) is important. Refer to the Electrical
System section in the engine manufacturer’s manual
for additional information on care and maintenance
of batteries.
DO NOT allow corrosion to build up on
connections. This can cause equipment to
operate improperly.
The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) has
published a standard for the color coding of boat
wiring. Four Winns voluntarily complies with these
standards so the owner of the new boat can easily
install new equipment or troubleshoot the electrical
system. The following table summarizes the color
code system:
Batteries produce hydrogen and oxygen gases
when being charged. These explosive gases
escape through the vent/fill caps and may form
an explosive atmosphere around the battery
if the ventilation is poor. This gas may remain
around the battery for several hours after
charging. Sparks or flames can ignite the gas
and cause an explosion.
Fire or Explosion Hazard!
Only qualified personnel should install batteries
and perform electrical system maintenance.
Do not expose batteries to open flame or
sparks. Do not smoke near batteries.
Sulfuric acid in batteries can cause severe
burns. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or cloth-
ing. Wear goggles, rubber gloves and protec-
tive apron when working with batteries. In case
of skin contact, flush with water at least 15
minutes. If swallowed, drink large quantities
of water or milk. Follow with Milk of Magnesia,
beaten egg or vegetable oil. Get medical
attention immediately.
Electrical Systems - Section H
Owner’s Manual Page 69
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