2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

.   Gaskets at cylinder head connection
.   Casting and pipe fittings in the dry section
.   All joints
X.   Maintenance - Bulkhead and Deck Integrity
1.   Seal all visible openings (e.g., cracks, crevices,
holes, including openings around wiring and pip-
ing runs) in bulkheads and decks that separate
machinery compartments from occupied compart-
ments. These openings can permit migration of
CO vapors.
.   Hoses
Check gaskets and sealing surfaces on hatches,
doors, and access panels.
.   Mufflers and their drain plugs
.   Thru-hull fittings
Y.   Maintenance - Air Conditioning Systems
.   Hangers and other supports
These systems can be a source of CO ingress and
migration of CO vapors.
W.  Maintenance - Ventilation Systems
Keep grilles and filters clean.
Boats are equipped with ventilation systems to elimi-
nate gasoline vapors. Blowers and fans may also be
provided for ventilation and to mitigate the migration of
CO into occupied compartments. Attention should be
paid to the following:
2.   Seal bulkhead voids and openings at wiring and
piping runs in return air ducting, plenums, and air
handling equipment enclosures, especially those
adjacent to machinery compartment bulkheads.
.   Keeping ventilation intakes clear of debris
3.   Check that water traps and condensate drains are
present. These may be in the form of a double
loop in the drain line or prefabricated p-traps. Any
drain that discharges below the waterline when the
boat is underway is sealed, by virtue of its design,
against CO intrusion.
.   Replacing damaged hardware
.   Maintaining the integrity of the ducting material
and its connections
.   Ensuring that position of ducting intake is not
obstructed or restricted, collapsed, kinked,
or crushed
Z.   Maintenance - Liquid Drains
Sink, shower and condensate drains can be a source
of CO ingress. Ensure that water traps are present
and contain fluid. These traps may be in the form of a
double loop in the drain line or prefabricated p-traps.
Any drain that terminates below the waterline is,
by virtue of its design, sealed against CO intrusion.
Some drains that are below the waterline when boat is
underway will be above the waterline when the boat is
at rest. The location of drains, relative to the waterline,
can be affected by the dynamics of boat motion
(i.e., underway or at rest).
5.   Eliminating sags in ducting that can form
a water trap
.   Checking hangers and other supports
.   Ensuring blower/fan is operational
.   Ensuring that airflow is present at discharge
Inspecting wiring to equipment
AA. Carbon Monoxide Monitor
(Applicable Models Only)
A carbon monoxide (CO) monitor (if applicable) will
sound an alert should carbon monoxide reach an
unsafe level in the cabin of your Four Winns boat.
If a CO monitor is installed, refer to the manufacturer’s
literature included with this manual. Please consult
your Four Winns Dealer regarding availability.
Boating Safety - Section B
Owner’s Manual Page 33
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