2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

B.   Fuel Injected Engines (EFI)
DO NOT attempt control adjustments unless
you are familiar with control systems service
procedures. Control misadjustment can cause
loss of control.
On fuel injected engines, starting the engine is much
easier and faster. It is not necessary to use the throttle
while in neutral to cold-start the engine. Simply turn the
key and allow the engine to warm up. For additional
information, refer to the engine manufacturer’s manual
included in the owner’s information packet.
Other lubrication, adjustment and maintenance
instructions are provided by the control manufacturer
and are included in the owner’s information packet.
Control systems usually incorporate neutral safety
switches within their design. This device prevents the
engine from being started while the shift lever is in any
position other than the neutral position. If the engine
will not start, slight movement of the shift lever may be
necessary to locate the neutral position and disengage
the safety cutout switch. Control or cable adjustments
are required to correct this condition should it persist.
See your Four Winns dealer for necessary control and
cable adjustments.
Periodic inspections of the control, cables, and all
connections should be made. Signs of looseness, rust,
corrosion, wear, cable jacket cracks or other deteriora-
tion require immediate system servicing. Replace all
damaged components.
Generally, periodic lubrication of all moving parts and
connections with a light, waterproof grease is in order.
Cables can be lubricated by positioning them to their
fullest extension and applying light grease to the inner
cable near the jacket. Working the cables back and
forth will distribute the grease in the inner cable.
Reapply the grease if necessary.
Lubrication should be performed as often as necessary
to keep the system operating smoothly. Cable manu-
facturers such as Teleflex and Morse often offer special
tools to make cable lubrication easier.
Cable and control adjustments may become necessary.
Adjustment screws in the control, on the cables and in
the linkage are provided.
Control Systems - Section F
Owner’s Manual Page 62
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