2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

Pre-launch and Underway
Get a current weather report. If the weather will not be favorable, postpone your trip.
If your boat has been out of the water, check to see that all bilge water has drained out.
Install hull drain plugs.
Inspect the hull and propeller for damage. Excessive dirt or marine growth will effect your boat’s
performance and fuel efficiency.
Check the electrical system and navigation lights.
If your boat has been in the water, run the bilge pump until the flow of water stops.
Check that all required safety equipment is on board and in good working condition. Examples include
personal flotation devices (PFDs), horn, fire extinguisher, visual distress signals, etc. Take along extra
drinking water.
Check that other important equipment is on board. Examples include mooring lines, anchor and line,
tool kit, first aid kit, etc.
Open engine compartment. Inspect for fuel odors and visible leaks in the fuel, oil, coolant, exhaust and
power steering systems.
Visually inspect engine for cracked hose, defective belts, or other signs of engine problems. Check engine
oil and battery water levels. Check power steering fluid level. Check battery electrolyte range.
Check fuel level. Fuel tanks should be filled to slightly less than capacity. Allow for fuel expansion.
Check that all engine drains are closed (stern drives).
Make sure navigation charts and equipment are on board.
Check operation of steering system, navigation lights, and operation of horn.
Make sure passengers and crew know what to do in case of an emergency and how to operate
safety equipment.
Make sure all required documents are on board.
File a float/trip plan with a responsible party ashore.
Keep an eye on the weather. Be aware of possible changing conditions by monitoring local weather
broadcasts prior to departure. The captain or first mate should personally monitor strong winds and
electrical storms.
Always keep accurate up-to-date charts of your boating area on board.
Prelaunch and Underway - Section T
Owner’s Manual Page 132
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