2011 Four Winns F-Series Boat Owners Manual

D.   Bow Scuff Plate Option
Available on certain models is an optional stainless
steel bow scuff plate. The scuff plate is designed to
provide added protection for the bow in addition to
a stylish look. See Figure M-3. Please see your
Four Winns Dealer for further information.
The windshield on all F series models is standard
equipment. See Figure M-4. The windshield consists
of tempered safety glass and the windshield frame
consists of a powder-coated aluminum. For easy
accessibility to and from the bow, a walk-thru center
windshield is standard. Stainless steel supports or
braces are used in most of the windshield assemblies.
Walk-Thru Center
Figure M-3: Bow Scuff Plate
Figure M-4: Windshield
E.   Maintenance
The majority of the hardware installed is made of
stainless steel. Regardless of the type of hardware
used, periodic maintenance is necessary.
We recommend you close and secure the walk-
thru windshield while underway. Damage to the
windshield could result.
The manufacturer of our hardware recommends the
following when washing your boat:
Secure windshield with strap (if applicable)
when in open position. Securing the walk-thru
windshield will help prevent the windshield
from accidently slamming closed due to high
wind and/or wake condition, thus reducing the
chance of damage to windshield or injury.
Rinse the hardware with fresh water after each
exposure to saltwater.
Periodically wash the hardware with mild soap,
warm water, and a sponge. Then dry it with a soft
Windshields made of tempered glass can be cleaned
with automotive glass cleaners or dishwashing soap
and water. Use a clean cloth to prevent scratching
the glass.
Avoid cleaners, abrasives, waxes, and most of all,
do not use steel wool.
All fittings must be periodically inspected
for loosening, wear, and damage. Problems
should be corrected immediately!
Aluminum can be cleaned with similar products
or with nonabrasive cleaners such as Fantastic.
Read the label before using any product.
DO NOT use abrasive cleaners.
Exterior Equipment - Section M
Owner’s Manual Page 89
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